Batman: Arkham City Revealed

Great news for Batfans — Game Informer has revealed info on the upcoming Batman: Arkham City and Warner Bros. has launched the game’s official site. As you can see from GI’s excellent cover art, Catwoman and Two-Face will be featured in the game.

Last year’s Batman: Arkham Asylum was a surprise hit that snagged the unofficial title of “best comic-book game evarz!!!”. Will the sequel continue the success? I’m expecting great things from Rocksteady Studios and I hope it delivers. Any of you psyched for this game? Let me know what you think of Game Informer’s fantastic cover and if you spy any groovy info on the official site.


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14 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham City Revealed”

  1. The only way it could be better is being able to string up enemies from any ledge. Only being able to hang them from gargoyles got annoying.

  2. ah more Batman:AA spoilarz. I'll definitely play this game after FF13. I'm really into it. I haven't been able to play it much these past two days but i'm liking it so far. I'm on chapter 5! only 8 more to go!!!!

  3. @Ray

    Most definitely, I just hate hearing about games 1 year or more in advance. Like Blizzard….

  4. That reminds me… where's Larcenous? He'd wet his pants if he sees the cover (and article), probably.


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