Avengers (Cast) Assemble at Comic-Con 2010

The cast of The Avengers movie assembled at Comic-Con 2010. In addition to known players like Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Chris Evans (Captain America), there were a few newcomers on the scene. As rumored, Mark Ruffalo is taking over for Edward Norton as Hulk. Jeremy Renner is set to play Hawkeye.

I’m totally psyched that Hawkeye is in the movie. Hopefully he’s not the cool and calculating hero from the pages of The Ultimates, but rather the anti-authority loose-cannon from the original books. There’s a ton of star power in the movie and I’m really hoping Joss Whedon can do something special with this amazing cast.


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  1. Hawkeye becomes an anti-authority loose cannon later in The Ultimates story line. I believe he goes "looney toons" after Ultimates 2; "Grand Theft America".


  2. I consider myself a connoisseur of Marvel's Ultimate Universe. It's actually the only line of graphic novels that I keep up with and buy on a regular basis. Bendis is the man. With him gone, the Ultimate universe has seemed to loose a bit of focus, in my opinion.

    That said, The Ultimates 3 was not THAT bad, but it didn't seem to properly fit the canon like the other two Ultimates stories. Granted, there was a certain "set-up" phase leading into Ultimatum, but it seemed a bit forced and trying too hard to top the previous two Ultimates volumes (a difficult thing to do, I'll admit). Yes, the writing could have been better, but given those two handicaps I mentioned, it seemed like the Ultimates 3 was an uphill battle from day one.

    I am really liking the direction of the "Avengers" movie and their approach to the characterizations since it somewhat mirrors that of the Ultimates universe. (More or less)


  3. there's so much going on with this cast and so many stories to touch on now. The avengers movie series has to be a trilogy.

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