Riddler Set as the Villain for Batman 3

According to FirstShowing, the Riddler will be the villain in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (10 Things I Hate About You, Inception) is currently slated to play the quizzical character. Here’s the skinny:

We’ve gotten word from a reliable inside source with a studio casting grid that The Riddler is listed as a character for Chris Nolan’s highly anticipated to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is still called Batman 3 at Warner Bros. Even more interesting, the actor currently listed in the same grid to play the assumed villain is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose status is just listed as “interested.”

Going with the Riddler makes sense; he’s one of the most iconic characters in Batman’s rogues gallery. Having said that, I’m a bit disappointed that Nolan didn’t go with a newer, headier character like Hush or Bane. (And really, Bane needs to be redeemed after his crappy debut in Batman & Robin.)

What do you think of the Riddler in Batman 3? Are you digging Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Dark Knight’s next villain?


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19 thoughts on “Riddler Set as the Villain for Batman 3”

  1. Forgive me, but who is Bane again? I don't remember Batman & Robin.

    And Gordon-Levitt is a pretty damned good actor, so I think he'd fare well as The Riddler (I have yet to see Inception, so I can't say how well he plugs into a Nolanosphere yet.)

  2. I do not like the Villain choice. They will try and make lightning strike twice by having a psycho villain. Can't recreate TDK.

    I'd prefer Penguin

  3. @lookatthisguy

    I agree Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a pretty good actor. He shines in Brick. It's a good movie.

    I agree with you Rpad i would've loved to see a different villain other than the Riddler but if this movie is going to reach all mainstream it has to be a known villain.

  4. @lookatthisguy Bane is the guy that systematically wore down Batman and broke his back. He was cerebral and strong in the comics. In the Batman & Robin movie he was just a strong idiot.

    I'm not too familiar with JGL. I know him from 10 Things I Hate About You, G.I. Joe, and 3rd Rock From the Sun. I've heard good things about him though.

  5. @rpad

    JGL! Why didn't i think of that. He was good in Brick, it's available for Netflix instant stream. Also 500 days of Summer was good, it's kind of a dark cheesy rom com, i think. I just like Zooey Deschanel though.

  6. Between Brick, 10 Things…, and 500 Days of Summer, Gordon-Levitt has demonstrated some pretty wide range to me so far.

    A quick Google image search refreshed my memory. Though I'm now reading up on the comic lore to better form an opinion.

    Okay, after reading that, I can see how it would make for an intriguing storyline, though I doubt if they'd opt for the back-breaking bit. There would be nowhere to go from there; I just can't see Nolan taking the story that far into comic territory after steeping it so much in real-world practicality (for lack of a better term).

  7. Nothing has been confirmed for sure yet.

    The grid they use is normally pretty accurate regarding the characters themselves, but the actor is only listed as interested (which would make sense given Nolan's like for working with Actors multiple times).

    @Smartguy – I don't think it's a case of having lightning strike twice. The Riddler is a completely different characterization then the Joker, and I think that given his experience, Nolan would try to seperate the performance as much as possible from what Heath did. That said… I think that JGL would not be ideal for the role given that he looks eerily similar to Ledger.

    As for the Penguin… there were rumors early on that he was being worked in through the Iceburg Lounge and his mob connections… and even some early speculation that they would get either Paul Giamatti or Phil Hoffman for the role. Both of those would be welcome… but Penguin would be a much better secondary character then a main villain imo.

    @thudercracker – You can't… can't…. can't do Harley without Mr. J. For one, explaining her would auto require mention of the Joker, and probably best be done with a couple of scenes setting up the character. Nolan will not do this, as he has stated explicitly that Joker will not be recast and featured in B3. While I would be down with recasting (a different Joker would go along with the one doctor who said that he reinvents himself each morning… one day he is the silly clown, the next a psychopathic killer) it just won't happen.

    The only other way to do it would be to introduce the rest of the Sirens… and while I think they will finally introduce Catwoman with this film, I don't think they would go as far as to try Poison Ivy.

  8. @Tokz

    Brick was a good movie, been a while since I have seen it.


    Yeah I agree, they want another reception like the Joker got in TDK, and unless Joseph Gordon-Levitt decides to die before the release of this next movie then it shouldn't have the same hype. Penguin could have been good, especially if they want to follow a darker trend. But I would like them to broaden their scope with villains, get someone other than a villain that was used in the last Batman movie series. I am not too knowledgeable on Batman villains (or most things superhero related) but I would think that there are some lesser known people that could be dark and brought into this next movie to shine in their own devious way.

  9. @Smartguy – completely blocked at work, though if I can get in to comment on the mobile version without too much trouble, I will do so (btw @Rpad – mobile version rocks!)

    @bsukenyan – there are a few of the lesser rogue gallery that would be fantastic. Firefly would make for a real interesting take, especially if you wanted to use an A-team rogue as a boss.

    @Ray – missed the Bane mention. Would love to see him get better treament then strongman sidekick in B&R, Ijust don't think we'll see it in this movie set. It would take two for sure to do him true justice, because to do it right you would have to do the entirety of the Knightfall storyline.

  10. @larcenous

    yeah? you cant do harley without the joker? YOURE PROBABLY RIGHT!!!

    i just like hot women in jester outfits, ( i guarantee you that in the history of human civilization, those words have never been said in that order )

  11. @thundercracker

    you are a god with words.

    i have to agree, i never have heard or seen them strung together either.

  12. @thundercracker

    or J.P Losman. I heard on the radio. CP3 should go to the Magic. They would have great games against the Heat.

  13. @Thundercracker

    I have faith in Collison. I dont think CP3 can stay in NOLA now. He pretty much has shit all over us fans and called all of his teammates crap.

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