It Ain’t Easy Being Green…Lantern: Ryan Reynolds Injured

I’m super looking forward to the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder) and directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). GL is one of my favorite comic books and I’m excited to see Hal Jordan on the big screen. With that in mind, I was alarmed to learn that Reynolds suffered a minor shoulder injury while filming the movie. According to E!:

Despite his power ring, Reynolds suffered a “minor injury” to his shoulder on Monday. However, the mishap did not delay production on the Martin Campbell-helmed comic book caper. (The source disputed an earlier Us Weekly report claiming the star suffered a separated shoulder.)

Thankfully Reynolds is okay and the film is going as planned. Anyone else psyched for this movie? How do you think it will play out? Will it be super heroic or a super failture?


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7 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy Being Green…Lantern: Ryan Reynolds Injured”

  1. I am psyched about the GL movie. Geoff Johns re-kindled my fascination with GL again. Someone has to be impressed with the way this movie is turning out the sequel is already greenlit. I can't wait!!!!

  2. i actually have showcase 22, hal jordans first appearance in a comic book

    "menace of the runaway missle"


  3. @thundercracker

    Wow! great job. Keep that baby stored away if the GL movie is a hit Hal Jordan will be in great demand because that's all new comic collector's will want.

  4. yeah i think its from 1963

    i paid 800 bucks for it when i was 16 years old….worked all summer to buy a comic book

    you dont know what the word "nerd" means, son

  5. @thundercracker

    i don't. i've never paid that much for a comic. i've never had that i need to have it urge for comic books. I either get it when it's out or wait for the TPB.

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