“Xbox Arcade” Games Easy Ports for Windows Phone 7

As many of you know, I’ve been anxious for details on how Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 will interact with Xbox 360. Although Apple’s iOS is extremely popular and Google’s Android is growing at a crazy pace, Windows Phone 7 has a chance to stand out by positioning itself as the gamer’s mobile operating system. TechRadar was able to extract some details on WP7 from Microsoft’s Oded Ran:

There are four million Xboxes in the UK compared to 2.5 million iPhones; we’re now working with developers who know how to make games, and they’re able to port Xbox Arcade games to mobile phones easily.

Before you get too excited, it should be noted that not every Xbox Live Arcade game is an instant port to Windows Phone 7. From my understanding, XBLA games created with XNA will be easy ports. The majority of XBLA games are not made with XNA. That said, WP7 should bolster the use of XNA and give WP7’s games market a huge kick start.

*sigh* I’m still annoyed that this wasn’t shown at E3 2010.

Source via MobileCrunch

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11 thoughts on ““Xbox Arcade” Games Easy Ports for Windows Phone 7”

  1. Yeah I wish that this was a big focus at E3 as well, but this is exciting news for me as a prospective Win Mobile 7 phone. This just makes me want it asap.

  2. @Ray

    I am with Sandrock, I don't really know all the time when it is an XNA game, but as far as I know all of the Indie games on XBL are made with XNA and I have played a few of those. I also skimmed through a book on XNA in a Barnes and Noble before if that counts for anything, lol.

  3. Those XNA/Indie Games are weak.

    Gimme the actual full version of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on the iPhone instead.

  4. The Impossible Game is a pretty good Indie game. I really think the guy or guys just made it to put their electronic music in to something. Good game though.

  5. @ BSU

    It's the promotional shirt I received from pre-ordering Superman 64 over 10 years ago.

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