Bryan Danielson Blogs About Getting Released by WWE

Professional wrestler Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE) has posted a lengthy blog entry on his WWE release. He confirmed a lot of what has been speculated and gave his fans an update on his mindset. Here’s a clip:

WWE is very serious about adhering to their PG guidelines, and apparently my actions during the NXT attack on John Cena, namely choking announcer Justin Roberts with his tie and spitting in Cena’s face, crossed the boundaries of what is considered “PG.” Perhaps the choking was too violent or perhaps the spit was too demeaning. I apologized for both immediately following the incident; but I would be a hypocrite if I apologized for putting everything I have into the attack. I would much rather have gone too far than to come up too short.

As with anyone who gets fired from their job, especially when they feel its unjust, I am angry. Very angry. But I can’t fault WWE for how they handled my release. My contract contained a 90 day no-compete clause in the event I was let go, yet the WWE has graciously allowed me start wrestling again on any show that’s not taped for television or pay per view.

As a huge Danielson mark, I’m extremely bummed that WWE released him for an incredibly lame reason. He was my favorite part of WWE since Shawn Michaels retired. As someone that lost their job for a stupid reason, I empathize with Danielson (though he’s actually been making money since his release, unlike me — ha!). I hope WWE rehires him in the future. For now I encourage all of you to follow his blog and download some of his excellent Ring of Honor matches on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.


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9 thoughts on “Bryan Danielson Blogs About Getting Released by WWE”

  1. @Raymond Padilla

    There has to be something else. As good as he is and as much as the fans love him I can't see the WWE releasing him for those reasons alone. The Nexus gang attacks seem just as brutal to me. I just don't get it.

  2. @NXT

    Why does the worst ones always win the keg challenge? First it was Heath Slater and now Lucky Cannon. I'm thrilled to see "Showtime" Percy Watson hold the #2 spot on the poll. He's my favorite NXTer by far. YEAH BABY!!!!

  3. @RRODisHere I like Percy Watson too, but I'm rooting for Kaval for all the years he entertained in the indies.

    I really enjoyed The Nexus beatdown of the WWE legends. It was pretty powerful, though it had a big logic hole. If WWE Superstars would "only" get suspended for attacking The Nexus and John Cena is the ultimate do-gooder then why didn't he risk suspension to aid the legends? It makes all the WWE faces look stupid, but Cena in particular.

  4. @rpad

    only a person that hates Cena just as much as me would see that flaw. I was hoping he would come out there and get suspended. I really want him gone for awhile. I didn't find any of his insults of Sheamus funny one bit. I don't get why his fans like him. :/

  5. @ RROD & Mr. Padilla;

    As someone who has fired a few people, I can tell you that there is usually another reason when someone gets fired for a stupid reason… at least in my personal experience.

    Danielson (and you) probably did something (or a series of things) to get on someone in upper management's bad side or just irritate them for whatever (stupid or not) reason and then once you guys did something borderline questionable, they used that as an excuse to let you go… even if that borderline questionable thing wouldn't have gotten someone else (that upper management liked) fired. It sucks, but that's what happens when you work for someone else. The people that hire you have to like you, and just as in any relationship, those people that hired you may like you at first, but then not like you later on for whatever reason and decide to can you, regardless of your work ethic or professional dedication to your job.

    Of course, I don’t know the details of why you or Danielson were let go, but my personal explanation does answer the typical question; “Why was I fired, but not (insert name of bad employee here)?” Answer: Because the people in charge like (insert name of bad employee here) better than you. It sucks, but that's life, man. On the bright side, some of the most successful people in the world were canned at one point by their former employers.


  6. @rpad

    im enjoying seeing sheamus too. He's filling the heel guy i root for now that triple h is gone. I hated that they made them do the dx shtick again.

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