Danny Fong Rocks the Pokemon Theme Song A Capella

My old Pokemon nemesis Jimbo sent me a link to this completely awesome a capella performance of the original Pokemon cartoon theme song (North American version). Danny Fong did an excellent job with this and should win a medal or a trophy or something. Check it out and let me know what you think (please)!

Author: RPadTV


4 thoughts on “Danny Fong Rocks the Pokemon Theme Song A Capella”

  1. I like how this dude makes me look less nerdy than I really am.

    He has to get beat up… ALOT!

  2. @Ray

    I don't know how, but I feel like I missed this before. It's pretty cool though. Also, the fact that you mentioned Jimbo caught my attention too because I stumbled across one your battles with him that was still up over at gamesradar before.

    1. I miss the Games Radar crowd. I wish some of those guys I interacted with for Pokemusings would come here. You should recruit some of them if you post there! Ha!

      1. I've posted there a couple times, and made sure I put rpad.tv in my name there. Unfortunately we are spoiled over here by having actual conversations, whereas most of the stuff I have seen over there is random comments and "first" posts. I really only go there for the Pokemon news though since they are the only site I know that has a weekly update for that kind of news.

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