Rumor: Apple Orders 10-Million CDMA iPhones From Pegatron

Here’s some interesting news for those of you wishing for an Apple iPhone on Verizon — Apple has allegedly ordered 10-million CDMA iPhones from Pegatron. Pegatron was formerly a division of Asustek and is not a Transformer. According to DigiTimes:

Pegatron Technology has received orders for an iPhone based on CDMA from Apple with annual shipments expected to reach 10 million units. The orders should start contributing to the Taiwan-based company’s revenues in August or September, according to sources from component makers.

As I mentioned the other day, Verizon’s ad agency is supposedly working on a campaign for an iPhone launch. The Pegatron rumor fits in nicely with that rumor to create a lovely iPhone-is-coming-to-Verizon-rumor sandwich.

Anyone else hungry?


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9 thoughts on “Rumor: Apple Orders 10-Million CDMA iPhones From Pegatron”

  1. I like that there now seems to be more stable confirmation of this happening rather than just people's speculation on when the exclusive contract with AT&T will end. Things are looking up for people like me who might want an iPhone.

  2. Hmmm….I would heavily consider dumping my Incredible for this. As long as it isn't crippled by verizon. I like the speeds on my device, but the bloatware is really pissing me off more and more.

  3. I just heard a rumor from a reporter friend in San Francisco. Let me preface it with a "this sounds really stupid" label. He said that one of his sources told him that to keep AT&T happy, Verizon's iPhone will be more advanced than the 3GS but not as capable of the HD/4G.

    Suppose it's true for a second (and I really don't think it is). Which phone would you go with? The superior phone on the inferior network? Or vice versa?

  4. Hmmm…a difficult decision, if that were true. But when some of the variables are clarified it makes it easier for me. I would still go with Verizon on this one because I already like their network and would rather stay with it. Anyone who is still a holdout would make that same decision I think because if they didn't want verizon (or anything other than AT&T actually) then they would have already gotten the iPhone, meaning that they would not be in the holdout crowd- thus would not even have to make this choice.

  5. @bsukenyan It's not just an issue for the holdout crowd. I have lots of friends that love their iPhones but hate AT&T. Most of them are in San Francisco and a few are in New York. Do they take the minor upgrade on the better network or the better upgrade with the service they hate?

  6. I'd have to choose the service with a device that is a few notches above the 3GS. My 3G was a great device, but it needed some more horsepower. The 3GS has a good bit of horsepower so anything beyond that with a good data connection is a winner in my books.

  7. @Ray

    That is also understandable. I still think it is a clear decision though. I think the chances of a CDMA iPhone becoming better on Verizon's network has a better chance of happening rather than AT&T's network becoming on par with Verizon's network. The AT&T users will have a higher quality phone in comparison, but they won't be able to utilize all of the capabilities because of the network flaws. In a similar situation, Verizon users of the iPhone would not be able to utilize all of the capabilities not because their network is not good enough, but because the phone does not have all of the capabilities.

    In that scenario I think the ability to change and improve has greater odds with the CDMA iPhone rather than AT&T's network. That would be several billion dollars that they have to spend just to upgrade everything, on the other hand Apple would simply have to spend a few buck on R&D and design a better CDMA iPhone for Verizon which would increase sales for both Verizon and Apple- a win-win situation.

    To me that scenario is a no-brainer.

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