Today’s Poll: Batman vs. Captain America

Today’s poll features another mythical match-up: Batman vs. Captain America! Both men possess tactical minds and are extremely driven. Batman has a vast array of gadgets and unparalleled detective skills to give him an edge. Captain America has the super soldier serum coursing through his veins. Obviously, this fight will be the most important thing you think about all day. So I want to know who wins this bout in your mind and why. Kindly take the poll and elaborate in the comments section!

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29 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Batman vs. Captain America”

  1. I'm not really a comic guy so hear me out some of you might not like what I have to say. From my pov its like this, super soldier vs genius with gadgets, black tights vs red tights, cape vs shield. I don't know much about Captain America other than he can run really really fast, aw sheet wrong dude :(

    Batman FTW (even though he is gay as hell with his little boy wonder).

  2. @Big Blak

    What Batman is not gay. He has a son named Damien.

    Batman, as of right now. His death and his return is becoming more epic to me than Cap America's. I can't wait for the Return of Bruce Wayne starting next week!

  3. @ Tokz

    If he can the Bat Cave he can hide his sexuality, not that there is anything wrong with being a sausage jockey.

  4. @rpad

    Well you know how Batman has been hinted at not being dead since the whole Final Crisis episode with Darkseid. Also, i think the Flash alluded to it as well in Blackest Night 0 that maybe Bruce is not dead but stuck in time like he was. Well it seems that he is and he's been trying to contact Dick Grayson, who's now the new Batman w/ Damian, as Robin, to let him know that he's alive. Well DC is going to do a 6 story arc with Bruce back in time trying to overcome amnesia and other things to make it back. hmmm now that i think of it kind of reminds me of Quantum Leap!

  5. @Big Blak

    hahaha. your sentence is reminding me of that Seinfeld episode when they think Jerry and George are gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  6. @rpad

    I was thinking about picking that up but i have so much collecting to do. I'll probably pick that up when it's a TPB. The war of the Supermen is coming out after the Last stand of New Krypton. I'm still collecting Brightest Day along with X-men: Second Coming. So, it's on the back burners. So i take it you didn't like Quantum Leap?

  7. Batman = Ninja, Cap = Soldier, Ninja > Soldier. Therefore Batman > Cap.

    And going back to a past post, Batman has the better villains. Cap had Hitler back in the day and thats about the only one that was worth remembering.

  8. @tokz_21 I love Quantum Leap, but I don't like the idea of Grant Morrison writing a time hopping story. He can get too pretentious for his own good. I don't think time travel plays to his strengths.

  9. @rpad

    oh ok. I thought you were just anti-time traveling plots. Well you read up on Rise of Arsenal and i'll read Batman: RoBY. We'll spoilarz it for each other.

  10. Are you guys serious. Captain America is injected with the super soldier serum greatly increasing his strength and fighting skills and he has a shield made of andamantium. Batman is just a man with a utility belt.

  11. @Raymond Padilla

    I thought is was pure adanmantium. Either way, it's indestructible.

  12. @RRODisHere The vibranium is an important component of the shield. It absorbs the kinetic energy that would otherwise transfer (and possibly injure) Cap. It also allows Cap to throw the shield with all those ridiculous ricochets; the vibranium makes it so that it doesn't lose velocity.

    Nerding out!!!

  13. @Raymond Padilla

    That sounds about right. Still, batarangs and hook shots can't penetrate it.

  14. @Poll – excellent question…

    @Ray – correction on Cap's shield. It's a Vibranium-Iron Alloy. Adamantium was created in a failed attempt to reproduce vibranium in a lab. Vib is technically the toughest metal on the planet, and it's only available in Wakanda (which is protected by the Black Panther).

    @topic – If I remember correctly, Cap's strength, agility, and endurance were increased to olympic levels. Technically, with his tactical ability, he would be the equivalent of Batman physically, as he is considered to also be at olympic or better levels in the majority of the categories. Being a bigger Bats fan, my natural inclination is to go with him, but I think in the end, it would come down to A. writer, B. the point to the fight, C. who gets the first hit in.

  15. @topic #2 – the above of course assumes that Bruce is Batman. Things would change given Dick Grayson's current run. He is undoubtedly the more agile when compared to cap, but his tactical ability compared to the Stars and Shield maybe the big weakness.

  16. @smartguy – thanks. They locked poor ray out at my job, so when I used to be able to read during work, now I am left with very little in the way of entertainment. I have no excuse for not surfing at home though… I should be on a bit more going forward though.

    How you guys hanging with the oil down there?

  17. @larcenous

    I have bought a lot of seafood in preparation of the scarcity. Otherwise good.

  18. @Smartguy

    My wife made an awesome Bananas Foster last weekend. Yum yum.

  19. @RROD

    that stuff is great. That and bread pudding sufflate' are the two best desserts in NOLA.

  20. @rrod


    cap would kick batmans ass all over the place. Dude used to fight hitler back in the day

  21. @tokz

    that bruce wayne time hopping story sounds like the bitch from misery tied up batman writers and threatened them with violence until they wrote a story bringing bruce wayne back

    that plot is fully lame, as bill s preston esquire would say

  22. @thundercracker

    it may sound lame but i think it's pretty kool. I guess you can use your misery reasoning for Cap America too because i thought Bucky was doing a good job as Cap America just as Dick Grayson is doing a good job as Batman.

  23. they should just know better than to try to kill iconic characters

    also i havent read a comic book in 10 years, so im out of the loop now

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