Norman/Normund Gentle Cover Art Unleashed!

Normund Gentle — one of the best and most ridiculous American Idol contestants of all time — has unleashed the art for his upcoming album, Gentle. The album name and cover art are inspired by Daughtry, arguably the most successful male AI ¬†contestant.¬†According to a recent blog post:

Daughtry is the biggest male success from American Idol. I did not realize that all you have to do is drop your first name and form a band to sell a million records. Sign me up, America! From now on we are GENTLE!

When did Normund Gentle become Norman Gentle? He’s listed as Norman on his “official” web site and Amazon, but he was Normund throughout 2009. Is the album art and web site fake? Will Daughtry kick Gentle’s ass for stealing his schtick? None of that matters! The (possibly fake) album cover is awesome!


Author: RPadTV

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