What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I have to play Nier this weekend for work purposes. It’s funny that a Square Enix game is taking me away from another Square Enix game (okay, it’s not that funny). I’m hoping that my copy of Super Street Fighter IV arrives today. It seems like the perfect game to break up the action. I’m also curious to see how tournament hosting works. Perhaps there will be a Super Street Fighter IV RPad.tv Invitational in the near future.

As always, I want to know what you’re playing this weekend. Kindly share the games on your weekend playlist!

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26 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Mostly XI with a little Bad Co 2 mixed in. I should really go back and try XIII agian, but I'm lazy and time seems to always make things easier for some reason.

  2. Most of my gaming will probably have to wait until Sunday due to finals work, I might play some team fortress 2 and Portal though. Team fortress 2 is just an awesome enough game to keep me coming back with or without achievements, and I wanna beat some of the masters challenges on Portal (but they are tricky). I'm really not looking forward to anything Half-Life related as much as I thought I would. They will all get a playthrough, but I'm not sure I'm really gonna devote much time to them after that.

    Probably Bioshock too, or crackdown if my disc ever works. For some reason I have heard of a few people who have had problems with Crackdown's discs messing up.

  3. Nothing for me this weekend. I have finals next week so I'll be reading my A&P book all weekend. I say that but I'm sure I end up playing something.

    I just bought Pixel Junk Racers last night for $4.99. That game is actually pretty fun. Speed Monkey is a blast especially when you get up to 150+.

  4. So I buy an HDMI cable at the shack yesterday and when I get home I hooked it to the xbox and tv. Then I realized that M$ totally effed me! In order for me to keep using my Turtle Beach 5.1s I had to buy the official xbox 360 HDMI cable with digital audio attachment. I was pissed but now I have all the HD goodness and I am happy. I might swap SCC for FFXIII with my bro this weekend, other than that Ill be on Far Cry 2, both L4Ds, and maybe some Borderlands (missing 6 achievements).

  5. I will not be playing anything until Sunday as well. I wont be home at all today and Saturday is out with the Bhawks game and Mayweather v Mosely ppv.

    If i get to play anything it will be on Sunday and most likely MW2.

  6. @RROD

    I thought about doing that too, And now they enabled trophies. In all honesty I just want the Assassin's Creed Camo.

  7. I'll be playing MW2, just like my Gravatar says, but I'm afraid I'll have to cut it short to play ODST for the first time since the Reach Beta is coming soon and I want to try it out with a few friends. I'm pretty sure the control scheme from MW2 is different from ODST, so I need to reprogram my muscle memory so I can at least hold my own during the beta.


  8. Speaking of MW2; I've beat the game on Normal and now I'm just over halfway on Veteran and I just have to say that this game freak'n rocks! Yes, it's short and $60 may have been a bit steep for such a short game (I got it as a gift), but hell if it isn't just all sorts of awesome. It's like a digital rollercoaster for your brain. I know a lot of you guys are down on the game for one reason or another, but I'm just not seeing it that way. I played COD4 (MW1) on the PC about a year ago and I thought it was pretty cool, but a bit repetitive. Also the story was pretty ho-hum. MW2 takes everything from the previous game and ups it to the next level. The story is awesome and has that "I want to know what happens next" quality that the former lacked. It has so many "oh no, you d'in't" moments and feels like a great action movie playing out. The level design is great, the enemies are smart (probably a little too smart, sometimes), the artistic design and graphics are amazing, the controls are damn near perfect.

    I just love this game's campaign. It's a memorable instant FPS classic. Great job, IW… er, what's left of you guys anyway.


  9. @Iceman

    You compared MW1 with MW2 a little bit, and you said you are only about halfway through MW2 on veteran, but so far how do you think it compares to MW1 on veteran? I don't know if you played any of the other COD games, but I thought that the veteran difficulty was harder on COD2 and MW1 was easy on veteran in comparison to COD2. Anything comparable to the Mile High Club level in MW2?? lol that part took me the longest to beat on veteran.

  10. @ Bsukenyan;

    I've never played COD2, just MW1 and MW2. Also, I never played MW1 on veteran. I played it on normal, then hard and I was pretty much done after that. I didn't feel that the game warranted a play-through on a higher difficulty. Also, I played it on a laptop and the mouse/keyboard combo on it was not doing wonders for me.

    I have not played the Mile High Club level yet as I did not know it existed. After I beat the game the first time, I turned off the console. The next time I started it up, I started a new game on Veteran and here I am. After I beat the game again, I will check out the level and let you know what I think.


  11. @Iceman

    Yeah playing MW1 on a laptop would not be the ideal set up I am sure for a play through. I thought that MW1 was easier than COD2 because it was much more structured and straightforward level design, COD2 however, was very open and I felt like anything could come from any direction (and on veteran it felt like it did). I only played through MW1 on veteran though because that is where all the achievements were, and I wasn't sure how MW2 compared to the difficulty in getting all 1000G as far as the level difficulty went.

    Have fun with the Mile High Club, on veteran that level takes a little getting used to!!

  12. @Iceman

    The campaign was very fun in both the MW games…but they chopped the story in half for MW2 so the can make MW3. You never know what happens of Makarov and you leave off at the Whiskey Hotel. Fun, but unfulfilling.

  13. @Smartguy

    The best levels in MW2 to me were the Ranger ones with the fight through an Arabic school being the highlight of the game. The rest of the game failed to feel like much of a conflict and the story is butchered to hell. Tacking on the no Russian level was a bad idea plot wise. (biggest hole in the story IMO)

  14. @Smartguy and Sandrock

    What did you guys think of the spec ops missions? Did you end up getting the star 69 achievement/trophy?

  15. @bsukenyan

    No. I liked them and they are neat, but I am on an extended break from MW2 thanks to it's broke online multiplayer.

  16. @Sandrock

    I would like to play through MW2 sometime, but I have a growing list of other games to do that with first. When I play it though I want to go for all 1000G and I haven't really heard a lot about how hard the spec ops missions really are or what they are.

  17. @bsukenyan

    In my opinion, the Spec OPs was the best thing they did in the game. I especially like the level on the hardest difficulty where you have to kill juggernauts with a knife and an RPG. Since they wear bomb proof suits, guess which weapon you have to kill the armored hulks with LMGs with? Really though, all of those missions were fun. I did think that once you beat one of them on the hardest difficulty that playing them on anything lower was disappointing. They are quite fun if you are playing with someone you know well. It gets funny. No I did not get all 69 stars, we quit playing the game because of the defunct MP the game is known for.


    I have to agree with you. I found the end with Captain Price a bit gappy(word?) The whole final level going through the caves was not nearly as fun or full of set pieces like the rest of the campaign. I liked the airplane scene, the whole thing. I think I might have liked taking that castle to find Price the best though.

  18. @bsukenyan

    Difficulty is one of those thing that doesn't transition between people well. I am still in the minority of people who have beaten Halo 3 on legendary and I don't consider Halo hard anymore. Best to jump in and find out for yourself, but I will say they are quiet fun.


    The end felt rushed more so than the rest of the game. They did a good job of making it an excellent action packed part of the game, but the plot was broken at that point and I think that diminished what they had tried to accomplish with those levels. The lawsuit against Activision is making it sound like MW2 was "finished" way before IW wanted it to be. Activision has gained a second Blizzard with Bungie, but I'm not sure that will be enough to save them. (over all "Activision" doesn't do to well. They lose money constantly and are only turning profits because of their non "Activision" games. [mainly Blizzard])

  19. @Sandrock

    That's very true. MW1 was easy for me on veteran, but I cannot beat Halo 3 (or any of them for that matter) on legendary for the life of me. I would like to be able to beat Halo 3 on legendary, but the game is definitely different on its hardest difficulty than COD is.

  20. @ Sandrock & Bsukenyan;

    I actually conducted a little experiment last summer. I played Halo 1, 2 and 3 back to back to back first on heroic, then legendary to see if the story arcs made more sense (they didn't) and to see which was harder. Halo 2 is THE most difficult Halo game on Legendary BY FAR. Specifically, Cairo Station (the first level) and High Charity. Also, the brutes in H2 were A LOT tougher than the ones in H3, which seemed like pushovers. Also the elites in H1 were more difficult to kill than the brutes in H3 and the Flood in H1 were harder to kill. I think Bungie ramped up the difficulty so much from 1 to 2, that they felt they had to tone it down for H3 since they pretty much over-shot the difficulty on H2.

    By the way, for those of you who are into impossibly hard games; try playing Halo 2 on Legendary with the Mythic and Thunderstorm skulls on.


  21. @Iceman

    Interesting experiment. I think that makes sense what you said about Bungie feeling like they overshot the difficulty. I would also agree that the brutes in H1 were the hardest overall. Just had to get the technique on them though. Right after they charge use the pistol on them in the orange spots on their back and they drop, no matter which difficulty you are on all you need is the pistol and some open space. Unfortunately, the pistol is a POS on H2 and H3 in my opinion, it was one of the best and most underrated weapons from H1.

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