iPhone Gate Continues: Meet Brian Hogan, Prototype “Finder”

The cast of characters in the iPhone HD/4G saga keeps growing! By now you’re already familiar with Gray Powell, the Apple employee that lost the iPhone prototype. You’ve been dazzled by the adventures of Jason Chen, the Gizmodo editor that had his domicile raided by the police. Now it’s time to meet Brian Hogan, the dude that “found” the iPhone of fate. Wired revealed the gentleman’s identity and provided more details on Hulk Hogan’s nephew (he’s not really Hulk Hogan’s nephew):

According to the statement from his lawyer, Hogan was in the bar with friends when another patron handed him the phone after finding it on a nearby stool. The patron asked Hogan if the phone belonged to him, and then left the bar. Hogan asked others sitting nearby if the phone belonged to them, and when no one claimed it, he and his friends left the bar with the device.

A friend of Hogan’s then offered to call Apple Care on Hogan’s behalf, according to Hogan’s lawyer. That apparently was the extent of Hogan’s efforts to return the phone.

There you have it! Brian Hogan adds a new dimension to this sordid affair.

Seriously though, are you sick and tired of the iPhone HD scandal? Or are you still interested to see how it plays out? Personally, I wish it had a TiVo-like function, allowing me to fast forward to the end.


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10 thoughts on “iPhone Gate Continues: Meet Brian Hogan, Prototype “Finder””

  1. Yea Ray the Tivo function for real life would be awesome, just don't pull an Adam Sandler in Click, which is a good movie btw.

  2. i'd like to tivo this, catch the end part – Gizmodo made it sound like this Hogan guy made very strong efforts to get it back to apple, but apparently that just wasn't the case. I'm sure his lawyer alone is going to eat up that measly 5k he got from gizmodo.

  3. as far as the name goes I don't like that people are calling it iphone 4G. I think that's confusing a lot of people. I like to refer to it as simply iPhone 4, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had 720 hd capabilities.

  4. @sandrock – ha, not bad. People seem to forget that the 2nd Generation of iPhone was called iPhone 3G. so I doubt 4G is in the cards, especially since it won't be running on it. I like the sound of iPhone HD though.

  5. Good point by N8R…also guilty of that. I am tired of hearing about it, but I am still reading everything on the subject that I see.

  6. I have to agree with N8R & bsuenyan

    Its like a Soap Opera for Geeks. I can't wait to see who gets thrown under the bus next.

    The tribe has voted please get under the bus.

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