Poll: Avengers vs. JLA — Fight!!!

A few of you guys started this debate in today’s Coffee Talk. Now here’s the poll! In my mind, this is a blowout. I’m with the Justice League all the way. Who’s the most powerful Avenger? Thor? The JLA has Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter to mop the floor with him.

Anyway, kindly make your vote and state your case.

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63 thoughts on “Poll: Avengers vs. JLA — Fight!!!”

  1. Rpad you made it so tempting to vote for the Super Buddies, but i really don't like elongated man.

  2. @Big Blak Not bias. It's just logic. There's way more firepower on the JLA. I love comics from both companies.

    @tokz_21 I love EM! He was great in JLE. He's just a good target for jokes.

  3. @rpad

    He is. He sounds like he can be a spokesperson for ED. I think i hate him for the same reason i hate Mr. Fantastic.

  4. @ RPAD

    ( I know that its all in good fun) Your logic is biased! Oh man I just want to start a flame war lol.

  5. @ RPAD

    Lmao x 2. His power was to magically maintain a perfect bowl haircut/mullet thing.

  6. Hmmm, I think nobody from the Justice League can stop the Hulk, much less Thor. Captain America is the weak link for sure.

  7. I think Superman would wrap up the Hulk because he has the speed advantage, and Green Lantern could take Thor.

  8. Then again, the combination of Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern would be unstopable, as long as the leave Batman at the Hall of Justice so they don't have to keep saving him.

  9. whos the most powerful entity in the marvel universe?

    silver surfer?



  10. @N8R & Raymond Padilla

    There's one thing you guys are forgetting, most of the Justice League members have fatal weaknesses. A powerless human, Lex Luthor, always stops Superman with Kriptonite. Take the Grean Lantern's ring and he's useless. Also, the madder the Hulk gets the stronger he gets. Green Lantern could not take Thor by himself and Zatanna could not take the Hulk by herself.

  11. when thanos had the infinity gauntlet, he was more powerful than god, ditka even

  12. @RRODisHere If Zatanna has enough time to chant a spell, she could turn Hulk inside out. Plastic Man has also been retconned to be ridiculously powerful.

  13. @ RROD

    I think the Hulk would smash the Kryptonite before he used it on Superman.

    And Lex Luthor is dead (right?).

  14. @ RROD

    Martian Manhunter alone could definitely keep the Hulk at bay by keeping him calm through pushing happy thoughts into his mind.

  15. Superman is also solar powered. He could just fly Hulk to a yellow sun and throw him in it.

    @N8R After all these years, MM is still a underrated character. I think it's his costumer. Bikini briefs, suspenders, and a cap is kind of weird for someone not working as a male stripper.

  16. Superman vs. Marvel Universe and Superman wins everytime. I HATE Superman…but I gotta give my vote to the JLA.

  17. Also, remember that Tony Stark could definitely get his hands on all of the Kriptonite he wanted. I just don't see how the Hulk and Thor could be stopped.

  18. @ RROD

    Superman DID stop Doomsday in the long run… he just had to come back from the dead to do it.

    @ topic

    We should have posted this earlier:

    Justice League members

    Avengers members

    Now, with the Justice League, we should only count the JLA members and not the international ones only because that's what's stated in the header. (Recruits through the 1980's).

    With the Avengers… they all count. West Coast as well.

  19. And don't forget that the Martian Manhunter's weakness is fire. The most powerful Justice League members all have huge weaknesses.


    Fire>Martian Manhunter

    Green Lantern's ring often runs out of power in the midst of battle and he's useless without it.

  20. @Sandrock323 Technically, Dr. Manhattan is also a DCU character, though from an alternate universe. Also, he was based on Captain Atom, another DC character.

    @RRODisHere I think you're underrating Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, and Plastic Man.

  21. wait…are we going to be able to bring alternate universe heroes into this arguement? If so then JLA on any earth would be the avengers.

  22. @ Sandrock

    Jesse Custer would just tell Dr. Manhattan to stop seeing the future and then tell him to stick his head up his ass.

    … and he would do it.

  23. @N8R

    Funny, but Dr Manhattan would still be alive. Better yet, tell him to make copies of himself and then tell him shove his head up his ass. lol

  24. @ Sandrock

    Watchmen and Preacher are my 2 favorite series ever. Merging the 2 would be a dream of mine… but would probably end up really tacky.

  25. Marvel would own DC. Hands down. Batman would stand the best chance out of any body in DC. Besides the JL doesn't kill people. Wolverine by himself killed more people than the first World War. And Professor Xavier would just melt everyones mind.

    Side note, Saw this and thought everyone would get a kick out of it.

  26. @arguello

    Nice article. I hate when that lego block comes out! That's a good point but I don't think we ever mentioned anything about killing. I think if it came down to it JLA would kill.

  27. @ Arguello

    Finally another Marvel fan. MARVEL WOULD OWN DC!!!

    the flash…..priceless!!!

  28. @Big Blak

    Actually i'm a marvel fan too but i know JLA would beat the Avengers. You know if you like the X-men series, The second coming is pretty interesting and actually getting pretty hard to collect since chapter 2 came out two weeks ago.

  29. @Big Blak

    I was like that too but DC has more compelling stories with their characters. I haven't been collecting Marvel for awhile. The last series i guess you can say i was collecting recently was Captain America Reborn. I haven't been collecting a Marvel series since the Messiah War.

  30. @ Tokz

    I always liked X-men. To be honest I always though X-men could have been its own brand. They make up like 40-50% of Marvel's roster anyway.

    @Big Blak

    I always thought it would be funny if Marvel made a Block-Out-The-Sun Man just to shut everybody up about Superman.

  31. @arguello

    yeah i don't collect any other Marvel Series but Capt America, Spiderman and X-men. I'm not a fan of Iron Man or Hulk but i will read any interesting story line. The last cross series i read was Civil War that was pretty epic.

  32. @ Rpad

    He could never rock a Wheel chair with no wheels like Prof X. And I can't think of a time where Martian Man Hunters Telekinetic abilities work at as huge as a level as Captain Picard's. He could literally connect to everybody's mind at one time. And we would all buy every piece of Star Trek Next Gen memorabilia that has every existed and all shave our heads.

  33. Superman has a known weakness to magic. A.K.A. Doctor Strange wins.

    And the strongest Avenger is Sentry. Wikipedia him. He'd eat Superman for fun.

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