Nintendo Will Show “3DS” Handheld System at E3 2010

Nintendo of Japan has announced that it will release the Nintendo 3DS portable 3D gaming system before the end of its fiscal year ending March 2011. The 3DS will be shown at E3 2011. In addition to 3D graphics that can be viewed without special glasses, the 3DS will play Nintendo DS and DSi games.

At GDC 2010, my developer sources told me that the dev kits for Nintendo’s next handheld were similar to GameCube dev kits.¬†According to The Wall Street Journal, the 3D technology used in the 3DS comes from experiments on the GameCube:

Nintendo has been working on 3-D technology for years, secretly adding a feature into the GameCube, the predecessor to the Nintendo Wii, to display graphics separately for the right and left eye for the possibility of 3-D gaming. It was never introduced as a feature in the GameCube.

What do you guys and dolls think of the 3DS so far? Is it something you’re interested in? Or are you taking the wait-and-see approach?


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  1. Dear Nick Pantazis,


    You just got owned. Now go pick yourself off the floor, take your thumb out of your mouth and go warm your bottle.


  2. I'll take the on the fence approach lol. 3d tech would be really neat w/o the use of glasses. And I'm sure Nintendo would do a fantastic job. But I just really wasn't sold on the DSi and never upgraded and it's not 3d. Hell I'm more interested in the new phatty DS lol. I just want a bigger touch/visual screen and better graphics. Then again I've had a Lite since they came out and I still love it very much lol.

  3. I enjoy all things 3-D and anyone who doesn't must hate real life. lol. I hope this works for them and this opens up new game possibilities.

    Anyone gonna get Batman AA in 3D this may? I have put off getting it so now I am glad I waited.

  4. Happy Birthday, Sandrock.


    Mom: "Navin, it's your birthday, and it's time you knew. You're not our natural-born child."

    Navin: "I'm not? You mean I'm gonna STAY this color?"

    @ Slicky;

    What's this about Batman AA in 3D? I've never heard of that. Please elaborate.


  5. @Iceman & Tokz

    Batman AA GOTY edition is releasing March 26 in Europe and it will be here May 11th. It will include 2 pair of 3-D glasses and be in 3-D.

  6. Now that we officialy know more about 3DS what do you think the release timeline will be. Will it be a Japanese only launch or a worldwide launch later this year? I'm hopeing for a North American release sometime next year.

  7. @thundercracker I suppose. I'm sure little Nicky will find some way to belittle my work. He's flexible like that. First he says I'm lying, then he says that some of my info is good, then he makes up stories about how I got my info, etc.

  8. I am SHOCKED! who would have thought that Nintendo would be releasing a new DS? why it seems as if I had heard all this before. I wonder where?

    In all seriousness, fantastic reporting from GDC Ray!

  9. @ R Pad

    The only way that will happen is if you demand a public apology from VGchartz with the intent of legal action. Other than that, don't trust those punks to say a god damn thing. Worst PR rep ever.

    Take them on Judge Joe Brown.

  10. @sandrock

    Happy birthday man!! hope you have a great one and get the chance to play something good today!


    I'm probably gonna be a wait and see person on the 3DS, I do love Nintendo handhelds…I have thought they were revolutionary ever since I can remember. But I think I may have to get a DSi first and see how the 3DS looks once it comes out. I am not the biggest fan of 3D, or the accelerometer that is supposedly on the system, but I do trust Nintendo to produce a revolutionary hand held system.

  11. @sandrock

    (golden, lucky, grand) birthday. when you turn the age of the day of your birthday.


    I agree with N8R about the apology from the people at VGChartz.

  12. This will be great if they do not use glasses and you still get 3-D feeling. I’m have to test drive before i decide its a buy for me or not, my ds is still rolling.

  13. Wait and see.

    If this tech is talking about “graphics separately for the right and left eye” I would be afraid of going cock-eyed.

    I don’t need another opti-grab.

  14. @N8R
    Lol at an Opti-Grab refenerce. Also since I got glasses 6 months ago I have begun to think that the Opti-Grab WAS a good idea.

    Happy Birthday today???

  15. @N8R

    Okay I have to go home a watch that again. I am cracking up now thinking about it.

  16. @ Slicky

    That movie still cracks me up every time I watch it. It doesn’t seem to get old for some reason.

  17. @SlickyFats
    Thank you!

    I just wanted to clarify that by wait and see, I meant wait until they announce how it works and then let everyone see my inner fanboy. I’ll keep it brief for everyone’s’ sake.

  18. First day buy for me. i’m a huge mark for Nintendo handhelds. They last forever. Launch day fat DS still going strong! WOOT.

  19. @slicky
    yes please enlighten me and iceman. The only thing I heard about batman:AA is the goty dropping soon with all the dlc but I haven’t heard of a 3d one.

  20. “Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition will release in Europe – complete with 3D options – on March 26.

    The new edition will include six extra challenge maps on disc plus “an innovative new technology” which offers console players a ‘play-in-3D’ option compatible with all standard and HDTV sets.

    The ‘TriOviz 3D’ support will be included in both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, says Square, along with a pair of 3D glasses.

    “By leveraging the depth-of-field while maintaining the original gameplay and colour integrity, TriOviz 3D creates a far more immersive gaming experience, allowing console players to dive deeper into the gothic world of Arkham Asylum,” it says.”

  21. @slicky
    Thanks for the info, it’s not like the Batman: AA GOTY edition needed more incentive for me to buy it but it for sure sealed a buy from me in May.

  22. @Tokz

    I like Batman AA but I didn’t like it for $60. I have been waiting on a used copy or for the price to come down. But I won’t mind paying $60 for all of the stuff that will be in the GOTY. The May 11th date is per the guy at my local Hastings. I had him look it up.

  23. @sandrock

    happy birthday dude

    i never forgot how you helped me get out of orzammar…how old are you today dude?

  24. @slicky
    I was tempted to get it yesterday when it was the first deal of the day at Amazon but 39.99 was still too much. This gives me more bang for my buck i feel.

  25. @ Slicky

    You were probably laughing so hard at something that happened right before that part that you don’t remember it.

  26. @N8R

    Haha. I totally didn’t catch the reference. But just so you know not an ordinary Thermos will do.

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