PadCast: BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk Talks Games, Social Media, Fitness Titles, and Being Awesome

BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk completely rules. He truly is one of my favorite people in the business (as is his partner in crime, Dr. Ray Muzyka). After the diabolical Chris Taylor missed our interview session at DICE 2010, Dr. Greg was there to save the day. Naturally I asked him about the crazy three months BioWare has had, with two giant games — Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings and Mass Effect 2 — released in short period of time. The good doctor revealed which characters he used in Dragon Age. I also asked him about BioWare’s efforts to extend its properties through web games, Facebook games, iPhone titles, books, and more.

Since he was a practicing physician before starting up one of the best development houses in the business, I wanted to get Dr. Greg’s view on games like Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. This led to a pretty cool tangent about performing remote operations with Wii-like controls. The interview ends a little abruptly because the press room was being shut down, but it was an absolute pleasure chatting with Dr. Greg and I think you’ll enjoy our chat.

(Yes, it sounds like I’m totally kissing his ass, but I’ve known Greg and Ray for several years. I assure you that my fondness is genuine.)

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15 thoughts on “PadCast: BioWare’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk Talks Games, Social Media, Fitness Titles, and Being Awesome”

  1. I agree with Nightshade.

    But you should go to Canada to get it so you don't have to pay for the medicine.

  2. @ Smartguy

    Since he talks about performing laproscopic surgery in the interview…. I think he's a doctor, doctor.

    Watch the vid, dude's cool as hell.

  3. What? Two docs(MDs) not practicing medicine in a universal system? Say it ain't so!!

    I will check it out this evening, no earbuds.

  4. @Smartguy You can let it play in the background at work/school. :P

    @N8R I actually got into a playful argument with Epic’s Dr. Mike Capps. Capps is a computer doctor while the BioWare guys are MDs. Capps corrected me for calling him “Mr.”. And I was all, “You’re a computer doctor! What are you going do? Clean my PC of viruses? Should I call you Norton?”

  5. @Ray

    sound is disabled on my PC here at work. I am building databases and doing ledger acct for the parish school board. Their network is highly locked down. I can’t even bring up Bing. Though I know why….

    does he use Scienter??

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