Today’s Poll: Tomorrow’s Apple Presser and You

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow and it’s rumored to be unveiling quite a few new products. Some of the updates are expected (iLife), while others are like the Love Boat — exciting and new (iPad). I wanted to see which possible announcement has you the most excited. So please vote!

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46 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Tomorrow’s Apple Presser and You”

  1. @rpad

    Great pun on Good Will Hunting and here i thought i was a weirdo for actually liking that movie. Good to know i'm not alone.

    I'm looking forward to see what 4.0 offers as an iphone user but i probably won't upgrade to it until a new jb is out for it and that's it offers tethering. I unfortunately cannot tether at OS 3.1.2

  2. @Larcenous – probably, unless if they've figured out how to double the battery life, haha

  3. @larcenous no i dont think so, I desperately want flash support as well.

    @topic I voted for iphone 4.0 software, but that is only because there was no option for possibility of iphone coming to verizon.

  4. I'm not really one of the cultist Apple fanboys (as can be implied by the wording above), but it was the closest option for me. I just want to find somewhere where I can watch the whole shabang online while I'm still at work.

    Ironically enough, as far as I know, there isn't an app for that.

  5. @lookatthisguy no I'm pretty sure there isn't an app for that. along those same lines, I thought of this the other day, but I am almost a little surprised that apple doesn't have an app for their store or something like that. at least an app to show off their other products or something. like the itunes store for hardware.

  6. @bsukenyan Your friends are probably right, assuming negotiations progress normally. From what I know, AT&T's contract is up this summer, unless the terms have changed.

  7. @ray I think they are probably right as well, but with no real confirmation from verizon or apple I am still trying to not get my hopes up too much…as you can tell, im sure, it is working extremely well! HA

  8. @bsukenyan If only for marketing purposes, you'd think there would be one. Then again, Apple hardly has any software on the iTunes store (I think we're up to 5 apps now), which somewhat surprises me. Still, I imagine that if Apple does create such an app, it'll probably have some unique features outside of what we would expect.

  9. @Hrolf It's not an "if" question. It's a "when". Certainly AT&T will lose customers when it loses iPhone exclusivity, but the company will be fine in the long run.

  10. @Ray

    Consequently their 3G could improve with a bunch of people hopping to EVDO. It would increase the efficiency of backhaul through attrition.

  11. @ Flash support for iPhone

    From what I understand, that's up to Adobe. They need to make a supportable flash player for iPhone in order for that to happen.

    But I could be wrong.

  12. @ R Pad

    Oh… damn.

    I hope that's part of the announcement then. That would help tremendously in the "pron on the go" category.

  13. @Ray

    Ha, indeed. I don't know if FLASH support is coming though. Apple and Flash never get along well…even on the new Safari browser. Personally, it doesn't bother me too much. I kind of like the idea that my mobile device is somewhat safer without it. That said, I'd prefer if it was an on/off option.

  14. @ Smartguy

    … right. So your thinking someone would be able to hack in to your phone through the flash?

    Considering all the other phones and devices that can do it… I doubt that. If it's viruses, remember, it's made by Apple.

  15. @N8R

    Flash is executable in that it isn't in the code of the OS like Quicktime. Realistically with Flash you will need some kind of Malware protection. You can say it's Apple and not a problem all you want, but let's be honest here…people will write malware for whatever has the most units out there. Not too mention that malware through flash would work on a lot of platforms. The problem is that Apple doesn't like a video player that isn't part of the OS for their mobile version of OSX. The new quicktime will solve some of those problems, but not all.

    I really don't see Flash coming because it would mean the App store would lose a lot of money. They would no longer $1 games when you could go play a Flash game for free…or stream flash videos instead of buying them.

  16. @N8R

    and the viruses written for Apple are near impossible to get rid of. Luckily for Apple, Microsoft still has the superior install base.

    Random Fact of The Day

    I watched American Ninja over the weekend and now I want a .GIF of him throwing the tire iron.

  17. @ Smartguy

    I really haven't looked too deep into it… but considering the phone gets backed up in iTunes every time you plug it in… I don't see it as that much of a concern.

    But… I really don't know a crap ton about it.

    @ Sandrock

    Bull… hit the Time Machine button. Case Closed. Unlike System Restore, I won't have to re-install all my apps (programs) either. You really don't know alot about Macs do you? Here's a tip: don't listen to the PC fanboys regarding Macs. They truly don't know what they're talking about.

    I have both in my house and have CONSIDERABLY more problems with the PC. The thing is crap in comparison.

    Also, bigger does not equal superior. To quote every girlfriend you and I have ever had "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean." (I couldn't help myself with that last part).

  18. @ R Pad

    I don't have (the proverbial) problems with Windows… I just don't have to do as much with the Mac to keep it clean and smooth.

    Besides, I can run Windows and OSX on here giving me the best of both worlds…. simultaneously if I so desire.

  19. @ray Yeah June can’t get here soon enough for me, lol. I do have some relatively close ties with cell phone research, and people who do a lot of research in the field who have already said that the iphone WILL be on verizon’s network in June. Here’s to hoping they have good insider information and that I won’t be disappointed. haha.

  20. @N8R

    I didn't mean that Macs were inferior because they aren't as common as PCs, I meant that hackers are less likely to spend time writing a virus for OSX when they can write one for Windows and hit more people with it. A saving grace of unpopularity is people tend to leave you alone. Also, what good is Time Machine if the virus attacks it specifically? Also, out of curiosity, how do you know your Mac even has a virus if the virus is a worm, and doesn't do anything other than send your person info without any outward effects, and without any virus protection software to find said virus? Does OSX have any way of finding it on its own and telling you it's there?

    (Also, I've had people tell me they have gotten virus on their Mac before and were forced to buy a new Mac as an only option. They usually say they stuck with Macs, but advised getting virus protection even for Macs. I really haven't meet to many people who switched over said problem, so I tend to think they are telling the truth.)

  21. @Rpad – I know and understand Windows way better than OSX but I can tell you that every day Windows is on a machine it works just a little worse than the day before. it's like a slowly ticking time bomb.

    Now my Macs on the other hand have never had any major software issues. and that's without regular maintenance. It's hard to argue that PCs are better if you take really really really good care of them.

    @Sandrock – The time machine protects against viruses in that older saves cannot be infected. the computer is saved in the exact state it was in on the backup date. However, I would recommend anyone with any computer use antivirus software. just because Mac software (and hardware) is superior doesn't mean I tell people they don't need to back up their drives.

  22. @N8R – Agreed, all 3 of my Mac machines run windows and Mac – unfortunately at work I have to use Windows 90% of the time but having both is the best of both worlds. If I could buy Mac for a PC I might consider not spending so much money on hardware. But Apple knows that

  23. @Shockwave562

    So then how do you know to use it and what happens if the virus corrupts the part of the hard drive that you back up is on? I'm not dending PCs or attacking Macs here, just curious how it works without buying one myself.

  24. @sandrock – knowing when to use it is probably the bigger issue, a lot of people are unaware they have malicious software on their systems. I'm surprised however your friends felt they needed to buy a new machine to get rid of software problems though, of course, I don't look for a lot of excuses to buy a new mac :)

    at any rate Time Machine is amazing. your system will be completely restored to a certain date. if you downloaded a crap file yesterday, you could take the computer back to Monday where it never happened, no download, no virus, no anything. that's why they call it time machine

  25. @sandrock – possibly, anything is possible. Likely? certainly not. if it ever has happened I haven't heard of it on a Mac. The best Part of Macs is that they have a fraction of a percent of the total viruses out there. if odds alone can protect your computer you're a million times safer on a Mac

  26. @Shockwave562 Yes, Windows degrades, but that's been less and less of an issue since XP. Besides, I reinstall the OS every six months or so out of habit. When I was working at PC Magazine Labs and Windows 98 was out, I was reinstalling every month.

  27. @Rpad – that's definitely why OSX is very user friendly – a geek like you or I can take care of Windows pretty well but the average consumer won't be bothered with that kind of TLC. personally, I like that I never have to worry about my OSX. even on my macbook that is 4 years old it is good. I still reinstall XP every year or so on it though

  28. I've never reinstalled Windows before like that. The only PC I ever did that for was the one my folks game me, it ran Win 95…. Anyway, she was bloated as any PC they have ever owned and I didn't want any of the viruses and bloatware I'm sure they installed. (I have yet to figure out how people do this. It blows my mind at all the worthless crap people put on their PC and how willingly they are to download anything off the internet for free.)

  29. @ Sandrock

    To answer your question to Shockwave, it backs it up on an external of your choice (or even iDisk which works over the internet) that's completely removed unless you open it. Therefore, it can't attack the backups. Seriously, the only way to completely annihilate the HDD is to shoot it with a high caliber rifle (or another equivalent).

    I'm running a virus scan now just to humor this thread. So far it's a sixth of the way done, checked 297,000 files with a static goose egg (zero) for files infected.

    The other thing to take notice of is that when malware and viruses have sprung up for Apple, NOBODY is on top of it like Apple is. There's always a security update that cripples it before I even read about it in the news. And in case it's not painfully obvious… I watch the news like a hawk.

    329,000…. still a goose egg.

  30. @N8R

    Actually Apple does linger on making fixes. It's just not as publicized as windows. To go back to your flash settlement earlier (pertaining to backing up the device on Itunes)…that only matters if you sync it every time you plug it in (which I do not) but also if you have multiple email accounts on the device you do not want your contacts corrupted for whatever reason. I prefer my contacts who reside on an exchange server to not have my name go to the junk folder. I'm not advocating Apple's stance on Flash really. I understand the business side of it, but I'd prefer if the option were there with an on/off feature like Wifi or 3G.


    Files aren't executable on a Time Machine save so corruption cannot occur because of malicious code. That is how a UNIX operating kernel operates. You are correct sir in that malware isn't prevalent on OSX simply because of the numbers game….however malware doesn't rear its head very often on Mac because of the fact that Mac OS isn't built with an internet browser in its operating kernel, nor does it have other functionality in its operating kernel. That is why Apple provides iLife, so the threat is really non-existant.

  31. @N8R

    Let me amend part of what I said:

    They do fix the holes, better than MS in my opinion…but they aren't very speedy about it. The issue is becoming more of a hassle for Iphones…jailbroken ones really.

  32. @ Smartguy

    It depends on what the fix is. If it's a security update for the OS…. they're on it like Michael Dudikoff is on a chick that needs to be saved from ninjas. If it's a Safari thing or something like that, they've been known to linger… but not for an insanely long amount of time.

    Granted, they don't have as many ships to sail as MS either.

  33. @ Smartguy

    iPhones are a different matter and the jailbroken ones are intended to be off their radar. But if you have a hackintosh running on your PC… they'll find it and seize your HDD. It happened to a friend of mine after running it for a week.

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