Wii Classic Controller Pro Coming in April

Nintendo of America has announced that the Wii Classic Controller Pro will be available in April, both as a standalone product for $19.99 and in a bundle with Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri for $59.99. A lot of gamers have been importing the controller from Japan due to its superior feel and modern shape. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

The Classic Controller Pro’s more traditional control configuration will give gamers the ultimate Monster Hunting experience when the bundle becomes available in North America this April at a suggested retail price of $59.99.

The new Classic Controller Pro includes a second row of shoulder buttons and ergonomically friendly grips. The Classic Controller Pro plugs directly into the Wii Remote controller, and until now, has been available only in the Japanese market.

I don’t know about you, but I generally hunt monsters with a large, bladed object or a gun. Okay, none of that is true. I’m not the least bit interested in hunting real creatures, but I’m completely interested in the Classic Controller Pro.

Are you guys and dolls going to pick one up? If so, with or without Capcom’s game?

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9 thoughts on “Wii Classic Controller Pro Coming in April”

  1. I am disappointed to hear that it's only being bundled with Monster Hunter. Nintendo has let me down, at first with No More Heroes 2 no longer being Wiimote Plus capable and now only offering the classic controller pro for Monster Hunter when NMH2 is going to support classic controls. Looks like i'll be picking up NMH2 in April now along with classic pro.

  2. @smartguy – seriously? is that how it works? I'll just stick with my awkward GC controllers then

  3. @shockwave

    Yeah, it even says it in the highlighted section. The classic controller you can get right now plugs into the bottom of the Wii Mote. Why can't nintendo make these damn things stand alone? It's &*($&%* annoying to have a damn wii mote tethered to a controller.

  4. @smartguy

    OMG. I didn't even notice that part. I thought it would plug into the ports on the wii that you can use for the GC controllers. Wow, Nintendo i'm disappointed 3 times in one day. The New Zelda and SMG2 better be great!

  5. agreed, man Nintendo likes to dick people over on peripherals, it's amazing to me that they can sell as many consoles as they do and still feel the need to force accessories on to people

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