MLB 10: The Show Pre-Order Bonus: Free Classic Stadiums

Sony Computer Entertainment of America product marketing manager Chris Munson announced that gamers that pre-order MLB 10: The Show will receive a free voucher for six classic baseball stadiums that can be used in the game. The ballparks include:

  • The Polo Grounds (New York Mets)
  • Shibe Park (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Forbes Field (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Crosley Field (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis Browns, St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Griffith Stadium (Washington Senators)

As a longtime baseball fan, I love this perk. I probably would have paid for the parks as DLC. Getting them for free is a great incentive to pre-order.

On a side note, the inclusion of The Polo Grounds reminded me of RPadholic and excellent pal @jpkmets. I’m sure he’d love to play on the old field.

Okay baseball fans, does this pre-order bonus make you want to drop money on a game sooner rather than later?


Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “MLB 10: The Show Pre-Order Bonus: Free Classic Stadiums”

  1. @RRODisHere The developers could give Jeter a Superman cape, have a mini-game where he rescues burning orphanages between innings, and another mini where he dates celebrity hotties.

  2. MLB 09: The Show is the best baseball game of all time. I don’t see how they can possibly make it better. MLB 09 is baseball perfection.

  3. guess I'm just going to assume that both Yankee Stadiums will be included. I think pre-order bonuses' like these get me to pre-order again. When I was younger you had to pre-order in order to guarantee a copy but anymore I can practically walk in to any store on launch day and find a game.

    Same reason I pre-ordered Mass Effect 2 yesterday, I love free stuff

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