Conan O’Brien Gets $45-Million in Severance, Free in September

The latest late-night drama is over, as NBC has settled with Conan O’Brien over The Tonight Show. The ousted host will be free to pursue other opportunities after September 1, 2010. According to E!, “His severance deal is said to be worth roughly $45 million, and will include a $33 million payout both for NBC’s breach of his contract and 12 millionĀ thanks-for-playing bucks for his most senior staff members.”

I’m happy that Conan’s staff will be getting some money. Having moved from New York to Los Angeles less than a year ago, they were always the real victims in this whole affair. Hopefully O’Brien will share some of his loot with his junior staff too, since it will tough to find work until this Fall. On a side note, I’ve always wanted one of these giant severance packages. Too bad I’ve never had a job that’s important enough to warrant one (*cough* Bernie Stolar *cough*).

Where do you think Conan O’Brien will end up? Fox? Comedy Central?


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15 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien Gets $45-Million in Severance, Free in September”

  1. If it weren't for breach of contract, then I'd really hate this…but a deal is a deal.

    i don't think he is worth that much. Also, why the hell would he work now?

  2. @Ray

    I know. It's the same reason people like Buffett, Gates, so on keep at it.

    If I had 45 million (and survived subsequent coronary) I could make money with the 45 and live very good. I could do it with 5 even.

  3. @ Smartguy

    Last I heard, Buffett was still looking for that salt shaker.

    Jackass should just buy a new one.

  4. @Smartguy If I won $5-million, I'd keep working on this site…though the updates would probably be less frequent and a lot of the posts would involve hedonism.

    @N8R I was actually going to ask if we were talking about Warren of Jimmy. Ha!

  5. Good for Conan, bad for NBC. So i take it he wont be selling himself or the tonite show on Craigslist anymore?

  6. @Ray

    Of course. I'd keep on being an accountant, and I'd still go to Law School eventually. I wouldn't feel so stressed though. Instead of taking 15-18 hours per semester and worrying about paying for tests, it would just be easier. Now…by being an accountant…I mean that in the strictest terms of me reviewing my own financials to make sure my accountant isn't stealing from me. I'll get the law degree…probably never practice…but still make my friends call me Doctor.

  7. Believe it or not… and I know you guys are going to think I am bat-sh*t crazy for saying this… but I think Conan should have his own show (with complete creative control) on Fox News.

    Before you start thinking if this is some kind of joke, hear me out on this; First off, I know that Fox (or Faux News as some of you so cleverly refer to it) is irked at how popular the Daily Show is and it's spinoff (which is a direct jab at O'Reilly) The Colbert Report. More people (especially young people) watch and subsequently get their news from Comedy Central than they do Fox. It has even gotten to the point where Fox News has created a show just to compete with them (Red Eye), even if the show is a ratings bust. Conan would be a perfect foil for this. It would attract more young viewers to the network, plus, it would be straight-up entertainment unlike the entertainment-dressed-up-as-news stuff they have now. The show would also lend some “centrist” credibility to the network as Conan makes fun of everyone (not just liberals and democrats like they have now) no matter what their political alignment is. It’s a win-win in my mind. Conan gets to have endless joke fodder at his new network and Fox gets to enjoy all of the increase in viewership from the 18-32 demographic which means more money for the network and job security for Conan.


  8. @iceman

    I was thinking the same thing earlier. I'd love for him to go to Fox just to piss off some people. I also think he'll have carte blanche on that network to say what he wants.

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