God of War III Screens

I am not responsible for any drool that falls on your keyboard (or phone) as you look at these screens.

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  1. In reference to the first pic:

    "They look… like big… strong hands."


    Name the reference.

  2. @ R Pad

    Hell yeah!

    Is it me, or does every song by Muse sound like the theme song to the Neverending Story? Maybe not the whole song, but at some point in the song.

    It's like they channel Falcor.

  3. You said Last Guardian, and II immediately though Last Dragon, which immediately was answered by "Sho 'Nuff".

  4. Haven't played the demo…but are those game screens or cinematics? Characters look really small.

  5. @r pad

    love what youve done with the place!


    you should dude, you should.


    i want this now. i already deleted the demo not just because i was addicted to it. i dont want to keep spoiling myself.


    how's everyone been?

  6. @Rbee

    Been good, thanks for asking. Been playing the hell out of Darksiders. Damn that game is good.

  7. @ rbee

    Fair to midland. Tomorrow's my birthday and my mom sent me some cash. I'm trying to figure out what game to get.

    Your avatar made me put on some Black Flag.

  8. @N8R @Smartguy I actually have an interesting story on Darksiders that will be discussed in Coffee Talk. I'm surprised with what I've been hearing about the game.

  9. @N8R

    If you aren't in to Zelda type exploring and dungeon crawling and whipping ass…then it isn't for you.


    Good or bad? I'll defend this game lol.

  10. @smartguy

    i know ive been planning on getting it, but mass effect 2 is coming out next week, so ive been saving up.


    HAPPY BEERDAY! that's awesome, i was just listening to their slip it in album on the way home from school. which is my 2nd favorite album by them. but the best black flag was when keith morris was still frontman.

  11. @n8r

    if i had the money for one game right now, i wud buy me a 50 dollar ms card, and buy a load of XBLA titles. i want some shadow complex and castle crashers already

  12. @ rbee

    My favorite Black Flag album is My War.

    @ the decision

    I got a points card, a gold renewal, and Halo 3 was $20. I also got new shoes because I needed them.

    @ Smartguy

    It's the whole magic concept that doesn't appeal to me. I might check it out when the price comes down.

  13. Oh man these screenies look pretty good.

    @darksiders – God i've been playing the hell out of that game. Only thing that bothers me with it is it's wierd visual reference to WoW >_> and that you can't be lazy and ride Ruin everywhere lol.

  14. @Cami

    It was just a vague turnoff, I was hoping for some elaboration on it. Most adventure games of the sort contain magic.

  15. @Smartguy – Ahhh I see.

    I still haven't gotten to beat the game like I had orginally planned this weekend lol. Worked part of the weekend, and on Sundays the hubby gets the tv. So I just beat down the Stygian Monday night lol. Off to the land of tiny spiders….and I hate spiders ; ;

  16. @ Smartguy

    Games that involve sorcery and swordplay usually blow right past me. I'm just not interested. Typically, I'm in to balls and guns. Exceptions are notable. Darksiders may indeed be in that category, but I need to sit down with it first. Currently, I can't afford the $60 bones on the experiment.

    If you want to buy it for me though (it is my birthday), I will totally give it a playthrough.

  17. @Darksiders – I had a fun time with it, though it will be a while until I hit it up on Apocalyptic for thr trophy and all. The story kind of went soft at the end, but the zelda action was awesome. It had been a long time since I had played a game like that; big props to Joe Mad and Vigil for putting it out.

  18. @N8R – Happy Birthday dude. Hope the Gods of Rock put out for you tonight. Take that anyway you want to….

  19. N8R

    no way dude, you aren't classy enough for a truck stop. Rest area perhaps lol.

    I do not understand hockey. It's as foreign to me as soccer.

  20. @ Nightshade & Larcenous

    Thank you both.

    @ Smartguy

    I really didn't get it either until I played an NHL game. Rent 2010 (or even '09) and see if it changes your perspective.

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