Beyonce Gets Her Nintendo DSi Groove On in Style Savvy

I’m pretty sure that none of you are interested in Style Savvy for Nintendo DS, but a few of you will want to check out these photos of Beyonce filming a commercial for the game. She’s beautiful and talented…and according to a certain hip-hop artist is responsible for one of the greatest videos of all time. According to the press materials:

Beyonce has fun during filming of two upcoming commercials for Style Savvy, a new fashion game for the portable Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, in Long Island City, New York. Five designs from the real-life Dereon clothing line co-created by Beyonce and her mother, designer Tina Knowles, will be available for download in Style Savvy in the coming months.

Well, I’m glad she had fun. Ha!

Author: RPadTV


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  1. well this kills two birds with one stone, I get to look at Beyonce (absolutely gorgeous) and find out about a new game I'm sure my 12 year old sister will like.

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