Demon’s Souls Video Walkthrough #3: The Tendency System

Atlus just sent over this fine video of Demon’s Souls, one of the sleeper hits of 2009. RPG fans looking for a challenge on the PlayStation 3 should definitely give this game a look. As for the video, it discusses the “tendency system” feature. Here’s the official description:

The final entry in the Demon’s Souls walkthrough video series is here to explain the intricacies of the World Tendency system, the impact of White versus Black, and some basic strategies on making the most of each.

Check out the vid and share your thoughts if you have a moment.

Author: RPadTV

3 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls Video Walkthrough #3: The Tendency System”

  1. wow, i own this game and i didnt even realize there WAS a tendancy system, why cant they just explain everything in the tutorial?

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