Gizmodo Goes Hands-On with the Google Nexus One

Gizmodo’s Jason Chen has written a superb hands-on of the Google Nexus One. If you’re interested in the phone or are merely curious about what’s next for Android, I highly suggest giving it a look. If you don’t have the patience, here’s Chen’s conclusion:

If you want Android phones, this is the one to get, provided Google goes ahead with the rumored plans of either selling it themselves or partnering with T-Mobile in a more traditional role. Droid, shmoid; Nexus is the one you’re looking for.

*sigh* It doesn’t have a keyboard, but I’m totally loving the screen, processor, and noise-cancelling features. It does support T-Mobile’s 3G frequency and RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Service has been spotty this month so perhaps it’s time for an upgrade in January (provided the phone goes on sale as rumored)!


Author: RPadTV