Final Fantasy VIII Available for PSN


In a bit of Final Fantasy news that does not involve jewelry. FFVIII is available for download on Sony’s PlayStation Network. It’s an excellent game for $9.99. Do it!

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15 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VIII Available for PSN”

  1. Sweet!! I love this game even though I wasn't able to finish it.

    now I got another chance to finish the game!

  2. I have to agree. . .and this is the first FF game that used actual human size when traveling unlike the FFVII & FFIX.

  3. what i love most about this game are the GF's. ifrit, shiva, and bahamut are just freakin' awesome

  4. This is, by far, my favorite game in the series. However, I still have a working PS2 w/ backwards comparability and my original PS1 discs. So no need to purchase the game again. Good to see these games getting rereleased though!

  5. Side Note.

    Anyone else feel really bad ass after killing the T-rex in the forrest for the first time??

  6. @FFVIII – Great game. I remember being disappointed with the length of the adventure in comparison to VII, but still a good time. I think I was one of three people that did not enjoy the card game… and I am sure one of the reasons is that I managed to proliferate the random system everywhere. God damn rule changers!

    @Arguello – Bad Ass after that, and Bad Ass after beating the Omega Weapon.

    @rbee – favorite psx Final Fantasy for me was Tactics. May not be part of the numbered series, but damn fine and one of the best stories ever.

  7. This is by far the best FF game for PS1. I don't know if I'd choose 4 or 8 to be the best overall…but I really prefer the Junction system in 8 as opposed to what 4 used.

    Squall > Cloud

    I also like how everything about Squall and Cypher(sp?) is completely opposite. Long hair, short hair. Short jacket, long jacket. Scars on opposite side. Long sword, short sword. Cool stuff.

  8. FF VIII? Don't you mean Tactics…there is no such thing as FF VIII! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT! I disliked FF VIII…can you tell?

  9. And just do you know…I am a FF VI Fanboy. Kefka = greatest clown villian next to The Joker!

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