Operation Chokehold: Nerds Will Attempt to Crash AT&T on 12/18

A group of (probably fake) engineers (that may or may not be) associated with Fake Steve Jobs plan to bring down AT&T’s mobile network on Friday, December 18. Consider this an indirect invitation to participate in mischief a warning if you’re an AT&T customer. Things might get funky if people take this mission seriously and/or it comes to life through various nerd networks. Here’s the memo:

Vader Chokehold

On Friday, December 18, at noon Pacific time, we will attempt to overwhelm the AT&T data network and bring it to its knees. The goal is to have every iPhone user (or as many as we can) turn on a data intensive app and run that app for one solid hour. Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network and sick of their abusive comments. THe idea is we’ll create a digital flash mob. We’re calling it in Operation Chokehold. Join us and speak truth to power!

Most people are dismissing Operation Chokehold as a publicity stunt by Fake Steve Jobs, but there’s a good chance that it will take a life of its own. Fake Steve has a lot of real fans, many of whom are disgruntled AT&T customers. For its part, AT&T has acknowledged Operation Chokehold as a real threat and the company isn’t happy about it. An AT&T told Cult of Mac:

We understand that fakesteve.net is primarily a satirical forum, but there is nothing amusing about advocating that customers attempt to deliberately degrade service on a network that provides critical communications services for more than 80 million customers. We know that the vast majority of customers will see this action for what it is: an irresponsible and pointless scheme to draw attention to a blog.

I’m so curious to see what happens on Friday. Half of me expects it to be a total non-event, like Y2K, but if enough people use data-heavy apps on Friday then Operation Chokehold’s message will be heard by millions. Will nerd apathy or nerd rage win out?!?


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106 thoughts on “Operation Chokehold: Nerds Will Attempt to Crash AT&T on 12/18”

  1. @bsukenyan I'm half thinking of being an AT&T customer for a day just to participate. Ha!

    Of course my official is stance is that I do not condone or support such actions. *snicker*

  2. Okay everyone who is considering joining this is just a jackass. I hope it does ruin the network for a brief time and someone really needs to use their phone from a car crash or robbery or murder but they can't because a whole lot of dumbass people thought it would be fun to crash a cellular network because they are pissed over something that MIGHT happen. I hope everyone involved with it feels better about themselves for it too.

    If you are on AT&Ts network, you chose them, if you don't like them get the hell off their network and quit bitching. I have very few service problems with them (customer services is different). Try making a smarter decision and pick someone who has better service in your area and not who has the "coolest" phone.

    If my cell service goes down because a bunch of jackasses I am going to be even more pissed.

  3. @slicky

    they cover alot of area where I live. I pay for data access up to 3.2, for which I get .5 if I'm lucky. Let's not forget about how often the 3G just fails and I revert to either Edge or nothing. It is real shitty that Att wont add backhaul capacity to their towers but instead, won't to blame customers who actually dare to use their connection.

    I understand your point, but the others have a valid point.

  4. @Smartguy

    I pay for Unlimited data and messaging. My bill usually says I use 4,500,000+ kb of data on my Bold. Only when I am in a metal building do I sometimes lose my 3G. I am in a metal building now and it is 5 bars on 3G. I live in BFE and I get exceptional service.

    It's all about who has the best coverage in your area, so no reason for people to hate on a company when they can just switch.

  5. I'm with Slicky on this one. normally I wouldn't be the one to side with a corporation but cell phones are there for a reason. if by some miracle this was successful think about how many people could be affected by this. you could almost call it a form of terrorism really. If so many people are so unhappy with ATT they have every right to leave them. It is a free market to choose whichever company you like.

  6. @Slicky – I love the escalation of circumstances that you used. Car Crash < Robbery < Murder. That's hot shit. Now would the person being mudered be looking to use their phone, or the person witnessing it who is to busy trying to call then to stop it? Also, I think the same goes for the person robbing or being robbed? Technically if they were just robbed, do you think the robber would have run off with the phone, or let them keep it?

  7. If something major happens when it goes down, so be it. It'll just highlight how much AT&T fails and almost force them to do something.

    Sorry theoretical victims of some theoretical tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, you're probably more important to the world as a martyr for this cause than if left to your own devices.

  8. @Slicky

    AT&T is the best in my area and they still are garbage in my opinion. I have chose the smallest shit sandwich out of the bunch.

    This predates the iPhone btw. After Katrina they didn't have service for damn near two months. Not one bill was credited. They charged! Since the storm most cell providers don't invest here really. Tmobile added some 3G, but the area is so small it's not worth going to. I keep AT&T only because it is impossible for me to run out of voice time.

    Conclusion: ATT is bad where I live, but that isn't saying much.

  9. @leyke

    Are you freaking serious? So be it? Martyrs?

    If it crashes due to a preplanned overload it isn't really highlighting anything at all. It means that the network was attacked and crashed. Happens all the time online. AT&T won't change anything at all. Their network does just fine for the most part.

    I think I hate my Dodge RAM so I am going to get 60,000 tons of sand and dump it in the bed of the my truck and then when it won't drive and break I am going bitch to Dodge saying "See you need to fix that" not going to happen.

  10. @Leyke – Really dude? Someone who dies because of an attack on the ATT network isn't going to care that they died for a stupid cause.

  11. @Smartguy

    I get that some people have fewer options, but there are options nonetheless and there is no reason for those people to try to crater a network. Like you said everyone will be without service, but still have a bill to pay.

    AT&T is going to eat this up. Use data crash the network, take time to get it back up, and they charge people for every bit of time the could and couldn't use their phone. Seems counterproductive.

    I just cannot grasp why this would be beneficial in any way. I don't fully understand what could irk someone enough to participate in it.

  12. @Leyke: If that theoretical victim was you, you might feel differently. Screwing with people's ability to contact help during a crisis, even a personal one like a heart attack, is a bad idea. It's easy to have a disregard for human life when it's not your own. Put yourself in the shoes of the person trying to get help, possibly on the side of the road somewhere, but can't because a bunch of internet nerds (i.e.: us) decided to crash their cell carrier to prove a point.

  13. @leyke

    "you’re probably more important to the world as a martyr for this cause than if left to your own devices"

    And the Humanitarian of the Day Award goes to you.

  14. @slicky

    My first post didn't implicate that I would be a part of this. It's just that I use my iPhone heavily anyway.

    AT&T owes it to its customers to invest more in backhaul capacity. These damn day traders who expect returns in less than a year are really ruining telco and entertainment companies.

    In your truck example, what if your truck was capable of hauling 100k lbs of sand but could only manage 15k on a good day? I feel that I don't get what I pay for.

  15. @nightshade, slicky, shockwave

    you assume the call would have went through and not dropped though.

    To be devil's advocate here: if safety and emergency services are paramount to att's defense against a DDoS, then why don't they just invest in the network instead of paying cash dividends so often?

    Once they lose iPhone exclusitivity the churn will be so bad that they will have to upgrade to compete or they will get even worse. Hell, it is supposed to take until 3rd quarter 2011 before that 7.2 hsdpa upgrade is complete and even then 80% or more data subscribers will be lucky to see 3.

  16. @Smartguy

    Oops I had typed in my last comment to you that I wasn't implying you were going to take part, but I just realized I removed it with another part I re typed.

    Also I have no idea what backhaul capacity is.

    And in your situation I would feel very frustrated at the entire thing, but I don't know for sure because I have too many options available where I am.

  17. @Smartguy: No, my response assumes that the call will not go through because of internet nerds crashing the system. It accounts for no other variables. However, is even one life worth the risk of proving the point that "my cell carrier sucks?" No. No it's not. If you feel that way, change carriers. There are plenty of other "cool" phones out there.

  18. @ Leyke – maybe we could kill people until Pepsi is as good as Coca-Cola.

    how about we burn down Burger Kings until their fries are as good as fries.

    but your right dude, it's probably a cause worth dying over

  19. @slicky

    backhaul capacity is the data pipe per tower in layman's terms. AT&T adds radio receivers for signal (see cheaper) to give you bars but when they only have 5 T1 lines in a tower, that is limited backhaul capacity.

    What's funny is that Comcast, upgraded 80% or more of their footprint to DocSis 3.0 (newest and fastest) in less than a year and will have 100% coverage before summer. When is the last time Att showed that kind of commitment?

  20. @nightshade

    read my post earlier about the options here. Not every area is serviced like yours. The dropped call remark I made was to be aimed at the network without the DDoS. More of a joke than anything.

    For what it's worth, I chose the iPhone based on the data charge. I really wanted a new blackberry but AT&T changed the data pricing up and made their access $30 per month as well. My logic was that since I am paying $30 per month, I'll take the phone with the better browser. The rest is history.

  21. unfortunately iPhone users are the one's to blame here. myself included (although I'm not so shortsighted). Their pissed off because they have the best phones but it isn't on the best network. it's the same old thing with Mac fanboys. pissed off cause they have the best OS but it only runs a fraction of the programs that MS does.

    I for one will probably switch to Verizon when the iPhone contract comes up this summer. that is my choice as an American to choose a company that I feel is superior. until that time I will accept that in order to have the best phone (imho) I must be on AT&T until that time.

  22. Smartguy: See, there's the problem. People should choose their cell carriers based on the network, not which phones they offer. If the service sucks, the cool features of the phone don't really matter, do they? And you'd all make a bigger impact on AT&T by switching carriers than by crashing their network once.

  23. it just amazes me that so many people make a choice to use a company and then bitch about it. I can only imagine how many people would care if I went to KFC and bitched about the chicken as I ate it.

  24. @nightshade and shockwave

    I like both you guys but you really need to read what I am saying. AT&T is the best option where I live. They are still pretty bad as far as quality is concerned. If Tmobile offered services where I live,work, and go to grad school at, i'd use them. The same goes for Verizon or sprint.

    The real problem is subsidized handsets and contracts. These guaranteed revenues remove most of the incentive for decision makers to upgrade and compete. Very similar to cable companies.

  25. Just playing on the otherside of the coin, but what about those people that can't make calls without a NerdRage attack happening? The Nerd attack simply highlights an already poor service provider.

    Also I think we are pushing logic out of the equation in favor of this, horrible tragedy scenario. People are using the hell out of the system all day long, and it's one of the things that Att has been trying to hide behind to explain why their service is crap. They are all ready blaming the service on iphones and their users, which means that right now, we are in that terrible time. While attractive in it's protest quality, this Cellphone/4chan attack when compared against the normal usage of the service by the amount of people not participating, is probably going to be more of a mole hill then a mountain.

  26. @Nightshade

    This was Smartguy's comment on service: "AT&T is the best in my area and they still are garbage in my opinion. I have chose the smallest shit sandwich out of the bunch."

    So I assume he chose the best carrier then picked phones based on features.

  27. @Shockwave – doesn't the money I spend into a company entitle me to an opinion on the way it's service works? I have chosen your company and would like to see my money put to better use. Honestly, it's probably the only time where you are actually entitled to try and get things your way, especially if you pay into it.

    The people you should be concerned about are the folks that don't use the service complaining about how bad it is…

  28. @Larcenous

    Wouldn't it be better for people to voice how they feel by switching networks, and not taking it down for a few hours but continuing to pay their bills.

  29. @larcenous: A lumberjack who moves to Phoenix to find work is entitled to complain that there aren't any trees to cut down, but they still made the poor choice in the first place. The better option would be to pick up and move to Oregon.

  30. @Larcenous – I think by not going to Burger King I'm sending them a message that their product is not good enough for me. I don't see how cell phones are any different.

    @smartguy – that's a problem with all cell companies, keep in mind the technology is still new. I mean, not even Verizon is perfect. they'd probably be vunerable to an attack like this just like AT&T. being the second best provider doesn't mean they suck. But I live in a city so I'm not as worried about it. I can handle small gripes

  31. @Slicky – You would think that would be the logical way to show your disdain for a company, but Wall Street Logic is different from Main Street Logic.

    Main Street Logic: I don't like my cell phone service. To show my dislike, I am going to switch to an alternate service provider.

    Wall Street Logic: Hrmm we seem to have lost some customers. It seems their gripes were all about our lack of upgraded services. Judging by my handy chart here *produces crdue crayola drawing* People leaving service < People grudginly staying with service because it is easier then cancelling. Hrmm, there still seems to be an effect on the bottom line… better charge those that stay more.

  32. @Larcenous: Why care if they charge other people more if you are gone? Not your problem anymore. The idea is to find the better service for yourself, not to change the world. If you want a cause, pick something more constructive….like Breast cancer awareness. Everyone loves the boobies. It's a win/win.

  33. @Nightshade

    god sakes man! I never said I would be a DDoS participant. I just use my iPhone heavily to begin with so I guess I will be lumped in the pile with rest.

    I also have every right to complain regardless.

    What's real weird is that it is so flat down here, you'd think the service would be better.


    VZW would be on its knees as well if they had an influx of 15 million plus smartphone users. I get what you are saying though.

  34. Larcenous has a real good point when it comes to charging customers who stay more. Nightshade says screw it, you aren't with them anymore it doesn't affect you. Ah but it does. See if one company can charge more, then the others follow suit. Interesting how they don't compete in that regard. Perfect example is the text messaging rates. Price per text, not the plans. We are talking a basis, not some bundle with make believe discounts.

    Cable companies do the same crap. Telcos are so crooked.

  35. @ nightshade – ha, nice. boobs!

    @smartguy – I definitely know, I mean I am an unsatisfied ATT customer as well, It's almost like the iPhone was the best and worst thing that ever happened to ATT. smartphones were for professionals only (for the most part) until the iPhone came out. I see kids with that thing now. Probably the best solution would be to spread the iphone out on every network due to its popularity. but that's a contract decision and another reasons corporations blow.

    I think the bottom line is that the world is on the eve of the biggest breakthrough in global internet access. the cell companies really need to step it up if they are going to provide us the most reliable access to the internet no matter where we are.

  36. @nightshade

    I qualified both earlier remarks with "I'm playing devil's advocate"

    My timing is bad, shoot me. :)

  37. @Smartguy: The problem with that is that if a company that raises rates is bleeding customers, while competitors with lower rates are gaining customers, most of the time they will take the trade off of the lower rates w/ more customers. That means more money coming in overall.

  38. I think the theory Larcenous suggested is off. no offense larcenous – 6 months ago Sprint was losing customers at an astounding rate and they could be still looking at bankruptcy. so was their solution to charge customers more? No, they introduce the unlimited calling to any network plan and a new smartphone to compete. Trust me, companies are more willing to compete with the competition then to just say "ah we're only losing customers cause those customers suck" losing customers is one of the most expensive things that can happen to a business.

  39. @Shockwave: Imagine how much money could be made for breast cancer research if people did more constructive things than buy $1 car magnets. Let's say someone ran a "Flash for a Cure" viral campaign. Everyone here would donate a couple of bucks to the hot girl of the street flashing their tata's for a cure. Run something like that nationwide and imagine how much money could be made.

  40. @nigthshade – that's a golden ticket idea. I think you might have women's rights activists clawing at your heels but anything that pisses them off is ok with me really… same with PETA

  41. @shockwave and nightshade

    losing customers sucks for sure. That isn't so much a problem when you keep customers under contract.

    You two are being naive though if you don't see the lack of competition to be a factor in not competing in price though. Why doesn't one of lower 3G pricing? All are 30 as far as I can tell. Point is if one can get away with it, then they all do it. This goes for more than phone companies.

    Examples: Sony will charge for PSN, because MS gets away with it. With thecrare exception it doesn't cost MS any amount of significant churn.

    Personal example: All 3 of my credit card rates went up with the new stuff congress passed. I'm a great customer. It happens in any business really.

  42. @smartguy – but doesn't Sprint offer one rate for everything? The simply everything plan?

    Unlimited internet, text, and talk to any cell carrier at any time for $99.99. after losing lots of customers can you really say that's not competitive pricing?

  43. @Shockwave: This is the stuff I think up at 4:15 in the morning when I can't sleep. It's the insomniac equivalent to how potheads suddenly all get great ideas for world peace when they're high, which all seem to revolve around legalizing pot.

  44. @ Nightshade

    The local rock radio station here proved your theory.

    There are two DJ's on the morning show. A dude and a chick. The dude has a stupid looking, long ponytail. Last year they put out two donation bins. One for the dude to cut his hair for Locks for Cancer, and the other for the chick to walk topless down a major road. Either way, all proceeds were going to some charuty but the chicks bin over quadrupled what the other guys made when in fact, if you donated to him, more charity would have actually been given.

    In the end, "topless" was the name of one the other DJ's dogs. She walked his dog down the major road.

  45. @ Nightshade


    I bet AT&T would be an AWESOME network, all we gotta do is legalize pot!

  46. @shockwave

    $100 per month? Isn't that about what it costs everywhere else?

    Without my family plan/school discount my ATT bill is roughly $84 per month.

  47. @Shockwave – the difference between my point and yours is the word astounding. The point of this excercise is to create that loss by making the average person feel it and possibly push them away.

    @Nightshade – I love the boobies! In fact, we buy pink whenever possible. I was just throwing the idea out as more of a neutral party for the otherside, I could care less about protests like these, but it's always good to be able to understand both sides.

  48. @shockwave

    oops, that includes unlimited data, text, and voice. At least unlimited voice for me. I have rollover.



  49. As for big companies, there has to be a reason for them to both acknowledge a problem and hurry the fix. Think back to Fight Club and the narrorator's job in insurance. In order for a recal to be issued, the cost of getting the cars back plus fixing the issue has to be less then the cost of fighting the law suits, or else it doesn't happen. Same thing here, the cost to fix the network has to be less and equal more then simply sitting on some bad publicity.

  50. @Smartguy – I guess it depends on how you look at it. at ATT unlimited minutes costs 99.99 + Text $20.00 + internet $30.00. so $150 for the same plan as Sprint.

    Granted my iphone plan is $60 for 450 min, 30 for internet and $20 for text but still I'm getting a lot less for my $110

  51. @N8r: Mind you, at 4 in the morning my mind doesn't account for indecency laws and prudes. lol.

  52. @Shockwave and everyone else – don't ever be afraid of offending me, especially by disagreeing. It would take something exceptionally flabergasting, or incredibly stupid to even come close to hitting that nerve, and I don't think anyone in this site has it in them :P (though I encourage you to try the first and avoid the second).

  53. @Larcenous – you're right, Sprint was an exception but still a notable one. It's easier to be stubborn than right but lots of stubborn companies go out of business.

    @smartguy – ya, with rollover I'm practically unlimited too. I don't use many minutes honestly. probably less than 250 per month excluding nights and weekends. I do appreciate rollover in the event of a high month

  54. @Smartguy: In relation to post #49, people are generally willing to pay for a superior service. And using MS and Sony as a comparison isn't fair, because 2 party competition is very different from 4,5 or 6 party competition.

    So If everyone goes to Verizon, and Verizon chooses to raise their prices, they'll still have a superior service to AT&T. Then it's up to you as the consumer to decide which is more important to you, price or quality. This is where the MS/Sony model is a fair comparision.

    However, if the customers go to many different companies, they're not all going to raise their prices. AT&T might falter under those circumstances, but the other companies still would need to be competitive with each other.

  55. @Larcenous – Ya it's hard to offend me too, even if I disagree I appreciate a good debate. and I'm always open to the other side.

    I'd say the closest anyone came to pissing me off was RROD on G4TV but I think we all know he liked to stir the pot in those forums quite a bit

  56. @ Larcenous

    I pass wind in your general direction.

    Your father was a hamster, and your mother smelt the vilderberries.

  57. @ Shockwave

    Everybody has their particular favorite parts of that movie. The Black Knight, The Bridge keeper, the Knights who say neep… mine was always that french guard on the tower.

  58. Set it up on xbox live. We will party up and watch it.

    My god the horror. I will need some beers.

  59. @N8R – I always appreciated the fantasy of Sir Gallahad, the pure. other than that I really like the witch accusation and the swallow discussion, the white rabbit and tim were so good. The whole french castle scene is great too. especially the large wooden rabbit.

    I guess the whole movie is awesome.. haha

  60. @ Smartguy

    I don't have a credit card i.e. Netflix.

    Even if I had a credit card, I wouldn't get Netflix because they make you enter a credit card no matter what. You can have gift cards… doesn't matter. Must enter a credit card.

  61. From the casting session for American Ninja:

    "Well Mr. James, we're not quite sure if you're right for the role of Curtis "token" Jackson yet… Here, take your shirt off and hold this completely unrealistic RPG launcher…. congratulations, you got the part."

  62. @Larcenous

    "the point of this exercise is to create that loss by making the average person feel it and possibly push them away."

    The average consumer would even feel it if it weren't for a group of morons trying to attack the network. I have no service issues with AT&T. I have been with them for 14 years now (not including my very brief switch to Altel when AT&T shutdown shop in my area)

  63. @Slicky – I have been with them since '99 and in my area I have no problems as well. However, we are informed and are aware that others are having problems. This kind of attack is aimed at the uninformed consumer, attempting to bring their knowledge of the services problems to light so they can be as pissed as the Nerd Continum running the attack.

    Besides, don't you know by now that if a techie is having a problem, that means that everyone is having that same problem but is too in the dark to realize it!

  64. @Larcenous – you do have a point but unfortunately most of the other people out there could care less about our "techie" gripes. I want a perfect network too but I think there are probably better ways to go about it.

  65. Casting session for Dudikoff

    Caster: Can you stand there and just stare?

    Dudikoff: ……

    Caster: Okay, you get the part.

  66. @Shockwave – completely agree. That's why I could care less about it. I am the last person to suggest what amount to a terrorist action to get my point across anywhere. I do see where they are coming from though. Can neither condone nor approve of this is all.

  67. Caster: "Secretary, we can't afford Ricardo Monteban, so get me a list of people that look just like him. We also need the asian equivalent to Burt Reynolds."

    "And if you can find me a jeep that explodes at the slightest touch, it would be helpful."

  68. Caster: "We need a little musical number that sounds horrible, but will play everytime Dudikoff does a ninja move"

    Composer: " You got it!"

    Do you remember when Jackson was fighting that bigger Asian guy and after he put him down…he reached down to the ground to pick up some bullets…but had no gun? LOL

  69. Hrmm… I need a main character, but I don't want him to have to do or say much… maybe give him amnesia…

    *aid pipes up from the back* But how will he know how to fight then?

    … give him amnesia… but he remembers his karate moves!

  70. Do you think that Dudikoff decided not to do American Ninja 3, or that he was on vacation during the 4 days it was filmed between AmN2 and AmN4?

  71. @Larcenous

    Question 1: Someone watched the Bourne Identity mini series

    Question 2: Very plausible

  72. "We need a bald asian karate master that the audience will know is going to die and create a dramatic story arch as soon as he appears on screen."

    Director: "With all these ninjas in black, I can't tell who's who. Dudikoff's characteristic stare in to space is completely lost in the shuffle… WARDROBE! get me a red sash for his waist and give the old asian master some red MC Hammer pants you can see through the puff of smoke he magically appears in."

  73. Director: "Our female lead needs to be typical. I want her bitching and complaining about being rescued from Ninjas and asians with machine guns. She needs to keep reiterating she can take care of herself"

  74. @Smartguy – I was just talking about American Ninja, but I am amazed at how well that also describes Jason Bourne. I prefer the free running though.

  75. Asst. to the Director: "Boss, if he has amnesia, how does he remember how to work on cars? And if the Sgt. assigned him to the motorpool, couldn't he look on his driver's liscense and see what his real name is?"

    Director: "The audience paid to see Michael Dudikoff, they aren't gonna ask questions like that!"

  76. Asst to the Director: "How does someone who doesn't know their name or SS number get in to the army anyway?"

    Director: "He's Michael Dudikoff… did you see that bike jump?"

  77. @Shockwave562 It's more of a problem in cities with a concentrated area than anywhere else since it's more people per tower. AT&T's biggest problem areas are Manhattan and downtown San Francisco. The former has more people per square foot than anywhere else in the country, while the latter might have more tech nerds per square foot anywhere else in the country.

    #Everyone This was a really cool discussion with great points from different sides. Yes, it's not cool that someone might be without mobile service on an emergency on Friday. Yes, it's cool to bring mainstream attention to AT&T's failures, especially when the company PR is trying to blame it on the iPhone and getting newspaper/television spots to preach this falsehood.

    The bottom line is, thanks for keeping the discussion civil!!! As Hrolf pointed out, we've talked about history vs. religion without becoming a flamewar. We talked about Adam Lambert's homosexuality without it degrading into nonsense. I love that we can have great discussions here!!!

  78. @N8R

    Asst to Director: "You mean the bike jump that should have killed him because we showed the dumby's head going through the wind screen?"

    Director: "Yes. Next you are going to tell me that the audience questions our Ricardo Montaban ripoff villian for having his illegal business put on the side of his delivery trucks!"

  79. @RPad- I'm glad it was civil too. The city thing makes sense I guess I'm just glad I live in a city that is relatively smaller than most. traffic is my least favorite thing, weather it's in cars, lines, or general crowding. I guess it's the same on cell phones.

  80. In regard to the stuntmen in that movie… those dudes really did have balls. Many of the stunts I saw were completely unnecessary risks.

    Writer: If I were in jail and trying to avoid an attack by ninjas… what would I do?… (time to think long and hard… day or 2 complaining of writer's block)… EUREKA! Pillows under the bed covers!"

  81. Producer: "Are you sure nobody is going to question Dudikoff laying on top of the exhaust pipes while under that truck? Those things get very hot."

    Director: "We will have him do a hard stare, that will sell the scene"

  82. Asst: "Sir, don't you think the ending is a little ominous."

    Director: "Did you miss where the helicopter explodes? How could you miss that?"

  83. You know that movie could have been a silent movie and you wouldn't have missed a thing. Dudikoff conveys so much in his staring.

  84. And the 1985 award for "Most one syllable words in a motion picture" goes to…



    This is Michael's second award this evening. He has already accepted the award for "Most Penetrating Gaze".

  85. @N8R – that radio station gets respect out the butt for pulling that. Folks should have seen that coming lol. Love loopholes!

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