Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary: Violence is Golden

The Dante’s Inferno development team discusses the use of violence in this action-packed videogame from Electronic Arts. Included in the mix are gameplay engineer Tom Wilson, art director Ash Huang, and lead designer Steve Desilets. Check it out and let me know what you think (please)!

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14 thoughts on “Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary: Violence is Golden”

  1. @Ray – I just don't know man. This is one of those conundrum games for me. I want to play it because it's downright disturbing, but I really don't because of the tact they have taken with the source material. I am all for the "based on" sub genre of stuff… but when the only things you have incommon with the source material are the names of the circles and the name of the main character, that's where that idea runs immediately aground.

    I think they thing that bothered me the most was the interpretation of Cerberus. I can abide by creativity and artisitc license, but come the f*ck on.

  2. Tagline made me think of Hellraiser.

    This game looks fun…albeit the freedoms they are taking.

  3. @LarcenousLaugh I'm guessing you probably wouldn't be a fan of Marc Ecko's Macbet game. Ha!

    Personally, the game's narrative aspects are secondary to me. I'm interested in its God of War-like gameplay first and curious about its literary interpretations after.

  4. Idk, I think I'm gonna love it. It doesn't really bother me so much of how they interpret it from the story as much as I thought I would. I don't think you can go too wrong with hell monters, boobs and blood.

  5. @Smartguy – Thanks :P lol it takes the female poster to remind men of the boobs, haha! Hopefully it won't be like the GoW boss fight of the woman with like 20 boobs on her entire body for Dante's Inferno.

  6. @Ray – the GoW gameplay/morality attacks are probably going to be what drives me to give it a try. I am cool with things being like God Of War, as long as they run with it.

    That E3 show they put on was also what kind of drove my opinion away from this game though. When they walked in and auto-assumed that a room full of geeks had not read/did not care about the source material, they lost major, major points with me. I am ok with taking artisitic license, but don't insult me lol.

  7. @larcenous

    don't you mean sword of the berserk style? God of War clearly ripped that game off.

    You could make an argument that god of war was a ripoff of The Suffering.

  8. @Sword of the Beserk – I am going to say something that will probably immediately put a demerit on my geek card…

    I never played anything on the Sega Dreamcast. My brother owned one for all of a weekend, and had sonic on it. To my mind, that system does not exist, as I have no experience with anything that came out for it, short of crazy taxi, which I played on the PS2.

    So no… I mean God of War style lol.

  9. @larcenous

    There is a difference in not having it, and just plain outright denying it lol.

    So if we insist on calling games clones or ripoffs, then God of War is a ripoff of Sword of the Berserk. :)

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