Google Chrome (Beta, Naturally) Available for Mac OSX

Google has announced that its Chrome web browser is now available for Mac OS. I love Chrome on Windows and know that a few of you are total Macheads. Let me know what you think of Chrome for Mac OS when you have a chance.


Author: RPadTV

40 thoughts on “Google Chrome (Beta, Naturally) Available for Mac OSX”

  1. I just tried to post a comment on here using chrome and it told me the link was broken…a few times. Back to the drawing board I guess.

  2. there we go. a reboot was in order I guess.

    it installed in 10 seconds and downloaded in about 20 seconds. Not bad.

  3. @N8R

    Let me know if you had to reboot. I installed and opened it up…tried to leave a comment and it told me the link was broken. A reboot seemed to solve what was wrong or unless Ray's site had a fit at that same instant I hit submit.

  4. Preliminary tests successful. I can now see my new tramp stamp gravatar.

    I'll give you a full synopsis by tomorrow. I'll run it all day.

  5. @ R Pad

    Ok… but seriously, what makes it different from a normal window? I experimented, and other people in the room besides me can still see it.

  6. @ R Pad

    Ok, I'll go experiment with the pron window. This will take 5 min to an hour and a half depending on my mood.

  7. @n8r

    may i suggest i hear thats a nice site…

    lol@eskimo tube

    lots of dirty dirty nose rubbing

  8. I usually prefer over eskimotube… but to the eskimo's credit, Ashlynn Brooke is the first chick on the site when i looked at it and I'm definitely a fan of her work.

  9. I prefer to use Firefox. We got invites for the Google Wave beta to work on our site, but half our staff never uses it. Drive me nuts because it sure beats flooding my inbox with stuff.

    (ahem, Shockwave, did you get your invite?)

  10. For the peeps trying out Chrome, please try out a tab on a site that usually crashes another browser. One of my favorite features of Chrome is that each tab is an independent process, so if something goes wrong, only the tab should fail, not the entire browser.

  11. @ R Pad

    Browser crash has never consistently happened to me on a Mac.

    I had one kernel panic ever and that was because I (personally) didn't seat my RAM right. Did a do over, and it's perfect.

    Tell me a site to go to and I'll try it with at least 3 different browsers.

  12. Smartguy… I don't even want to hazard a guess as to how you managed to "stumble" upon this site.


  13. Yeah, I was going to say that I found a good video site, but I didn't want to publicize it for obvious reasons. I figured this site has to be family friendly, right?

    Or not?


  14. @N8R

    There are sticks in the mud no matter the place or time. However…it is mainly me being a polite southerner.

  15. So far I like it, I don't see the vast improvement over Safari but it is nice. I like incognito and the fact that only 1 tab will crash as opposed to the whole is something every IE should incorporate.

  16. @Shockwave562 I've really gotten use to Chrome's layout. It just makes more sense to me than Firefox's. Each tab being an independent process is just completely cool. Chrome will have extensions soon and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up.

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