Final Fantasy XIII Suntory Elixir Commercial

Here’s the latest commercial for the Final Fantasy XIII “Elixir” beverage by Suntory. Yes,┬áJapanese videogames get their own beverages — reason #348 you should be jealous of Japanese gamers. And also, for relaxing times…make it Suntory time.

Just for kicks, here are some old Elixir shots from my archive. Check ’em out. There’s some cool stuff below the fold.

FFXIII Elixir 1

FFXIII Elixir 2

FFXIII Elixir 3

FFXIII Elixir 4FFXIII Elixir 5

FFXIII Elixir 6

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  1. Just like I mentioned to you when it was first announced – this would be so much better being advertised by Bill Murray!

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