Nintendo DSi LL Sells Over 100,000 in Two Days

DSi XL Wine Red

As expected, Nintendo’s DSi LL (XL in North America) has sold like Spam musubi in Japan. According to Enterbrain, the DSi LL sold 103,524 units in its first two days. Andriasang put the figures in context:

As a comparison, DSi sold over 170,000 units in the two days following its release late last year. PSP go, released earlier this month, sold just over 28,000 in its first day. Its weekly totals have since dropped to four figures.

I should know better by now, but I didn’t think the DSi would do well in North America…but it did. I have my doubts about the DSi XL, which (probably) means it will also sell well. I should stop second guessing Nintendo.

How do you think the DSi XL will do in America? Any of you planning to buy one?


Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi LL Sells Over 100,000 in Two Days”

  1. All the old folk need the XL to see the screen when playing Sodoku duh!

    I'd just want one to say I have a phatty in my hand hahaha. Srsly…I kinda like the wine colored one….

  2. LoL everything is too small after gaming on that tv. Dwarfing my 42"

    I'm 29 and I think my Lite's screen is too small but I still love it, and it comes to work with me every day ^^

  3. @Ray: I can assure you, it is. I've got a Carvin half stack at home (to go with my Les Paul Studio) and I've never turned it up past 1 1/2 because it's too damn loud. lol.

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