Nintendo DSi XL is Big and Ugly

DSi XL in Japan

Anoop Gantayat from Andriasang snapped some photos of Nintendo’s upcoming DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan). He was not impressed with the system’s looks and size. While he admitted that playing games on it could be an entirely different experience, he stated:

DSi LL is a massive system. It reminds me of a really old portable. Unfortunately, Tsutaya didn’t have old DS phat systems in its display case so I couldn’t compare it with that monstrosity of hardware design.

The system also isn’t particularly attractive, especially compared to the slick DSi. The glossy cover unit and matte base unit don’t mix well. It almost looks like the system has a protector shell around its cover.

This is kind of a bummer. Anoop has been in this game for a long time, so I respect his opinion. From its PR photos and specs, I was looking forward to the DSi XL and happy with my decision to skip on the DSi. After seeing some real-world photos and hearing comments about it, my excitement has been downgraded to interest.


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5 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi XL is Big and Ugly”

  1. Maybe it is too much for puny little Japanese hands! HAHAHAHAHA!**

    I have the launch day DS fat. I don't think it's very portable for let's say…your pocket…but I don't have a problem with the size.

    ** if you aren't Japanese and have small hands, HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I was sort of looking forward to this as perhaps the DS I'd finally buy. I've always sorta wanted one, but I've grown a little tired of tiny screens and I don't have any GBA games so the lost slot doesn't bother me.

    Plus my hands are huge….

    Now it's just the fact that I hate ALL of the color options that's gonna stop me from getting one… Gimme blue or black and we'll have a deal.

  3. I agree that I was disappointed in the color selection, and also I am begining to be disappointed in he reviews. I thought this actually seemed kinda cool. Not anymore though.

  4. Yea….I remember when "Piano Black" was the default "adult" color. Why crappy white or brown are in there I have no idea.

    The burgundyish red I can understand, and indeed it doesn't look bad, but red's just not my thing. I'll take a "Sapphire Blue" or the aforementioned "Piano Black"

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