PSPgo Sells 100K in October 2009, Gamers Prefer Black

Sony PSPgo

According to a NeoGAF poster with a history of accurate leaked information from the NPD Group, Sony’s PSPgo sold 100,000 units in October, with the black model outselling the white model two to one. As I reported last week, the PSP sold 174,600 units across all models. While some will say that the number is disappointing for this time of the year, it is an expensive system and the economy doth sucketh.

On a side note, the numbers show that once gamers go black, they never go back. *snicker* Amazon ranks the black model at #191 in its “video game” category, with the white model currently coming in at #724.

What do you think of the numbers? Is 100,000 low for a new console that was marketed heavily? Or do you think it’s a respectable number for a $250 handheld that was released in a languishing economy? To ask a question that was once answered by Michael Jackson, does it matter if it’s black or white?

Source via Gamasutra

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8 thoughts on “PSPgo Sells 100K in October 2009, Gamers Prefer Black”

  1. I guess you can say 100k units is about what I expected. I don't expect a jump or decrease in units really for November and December due to this being the holiday season. Next year I see a decline, that is unless they do a price drop.

  2. Im pretty blessed in all that I have. So for Christmas, the only thing I can think of to ask for is a PSPgo. I like the black unit as well.

    Is the game library increasing at all?


    I know this flies in the face of digital distribution, but do you have any other suggestions for a cool christmas gift that is game related? I have everything but a psp.

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