(Not a) Review of Gogo In-Flight WiFi Internet on United p.s.

Gogo Inflight WiFi Internet

I’m ¬†writing this blog post on United Airlines flight 27, using Gogo’s in-flight WiFi service. This is my first experience with WiFi on an airplane and I’m very, very impressed.

Setting up an account is easy and is similar to other WiFi services like T-Mobile’s Hotspot. The speeds were way better than I was expecting — faster than the WiFi I’ve used at many coffeehouses and hotels. Obviously there’s nothing blocking the airplane’s signal and there are less people to compete with for bandwidth, but even still, the speeds exceeded my expectations.

The service costs $12.95 for the flight between LAX and JFK. If you’re just tooling around, that’s a little expensive, but if you’re doing work, it’s worth it. Heck, if you’re an Internet addict that enjoys web browsing, instant messaging, social networking, and all that good stuff, $12.95 for five hours of entertainment might be worth. Personally, I can get at least an hour of entertainment using AIM or YIM, saying, “Dude! I’m messaging you from an airplane!!!”

Would you pay $12.95 for five hours of WiFi on an airplane?

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10 thoughts on “(Not a) Review of Gogo In-Flight WiFi Internet on United p.s.”

  1. Ya I probably couldn't find enough to entertain me on the internet alone. but still the availability is awesome. I can't remember who does it but one company offers TV for 5 bucks. I'd swipe my card for that all day long

  2. On a somewhat related note, I'm always amused at all the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones I see in business class. They're so overpriced and overrated. You can get much better noise-reduction headphones for much cheaper. Bose marketing has suckered the people. Lamers.

  3. I'd put down $13 for a 5 hour flight. I get bored really really fast, but it takes something as simple as reading random articles online to get me out of it. I don't really care much for IM or Social Networking, but let me know when they discover a peanut shaped insect or the status of the Hadron Collider, and I'm all over it.

  4. @RPAD – so true, my roommate is convinced his Bose surround system for 1500 bucks is better than my standard 7.1 Bose marketing is impressive because I don't see what makes Bose so amazing. Give me definitive speakers any day

  5. People buy Bose because they offer so many perks to the salesmen who sell it. Having worked at a Sound Advice (the now defunct version of Tweeter in Florida) they were all over that stuff. The quality is good, but every system they sold for install had at least one super over priced piece of Bose equipment being installed.

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