Today’s Poll: What Dragon Age Race are You Playing As?

Dragon Age Origins chicky

I know a bunch of you are playing Dragon Age: Origins. I wanted to see which race you selected for your first run. If you haven’t picked up the game but are planning to, let everyone know which race you intend to play as the first time through. As for me, I picked a Dalish Elf rogue that will eventually become an assassin or a duelist.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: What Dragon Age Race are You Playing As?”

  1. I’m playing a Rogue as the City Elf. I’m basically using my main character as the Off-Tank, Allistair as my Tank, Lilliana as my Ranged Attacker and Wynn as my healer. Obviously as you can probably tell by the party members, this is the “Good” playthrough. It’s working out pretty well overall.

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