Ever Wonder What Google Does with All Your Info?

Well wonder no more, because Google Dashboard is here! In an effort to be more transparent, Google has unveiled a new product that gives you a better understanding of what it does with your 411 and convenient control over a breadth of Google products. The official Google Blog stated:

In an effort to provide you with greater transparency and control over their own data, we’ve built the Google Dashboard. Designed to be simple and useful, the Dashboard summarizes data for each product that you use (when signed in to your account) and provides you direct links to control your personal settings. Today, the Dashboard covers more than 20 products and services, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Web History, Orkut, YouTube, Picasa, Talk, Reader, Alerts, Latitude and many more.

As a Google disciple, I love having a single destination that gives me an overview of all my Google usage. Check out the video below for more information on Google Dashboard. If you’ve had a chance to play around with it, I’d love to hear what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Google Does with All Your Info?”

  1. i think this is pretty cool, being a follower of most things google, however what I personally have trouble with is which account to link everything with. this is what i ran in to with google voice, i had absolutely no idea which of my accounts to use for this. personally i have an email through my school (which i can set up to run through google) and i have three other gmail accounts each for different purposes. with dashboard i have to decide which email to stay logged into for all of my browsing. i wish i could just have one main account that can house more than one email address.

  2. @rpad I will have to try something like that. I have different emails linked for different things, so they all serve separate purposes and interests. I still would love to see it set up where I could have one umbrella* account with different options for multiple emails *(made me think of raccoon city and Resident Evil, lol).

    I wonder how many people who use gmail use multiple accounts? Those would be some interesting numbers to see.

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