Relive the Glorious 2009 World Series on PSN

Just in case you didn’t get enough of the NY Yankees’ brilliant 2009 World Series victory, you can relive the whole thing on Sony’s PlayStation Network. The company announced:

We’ve just launched MLB content — the current 2009 World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees (in case you’ve missed any of the games so far), and also a section with classic games.

Yankees World Series 2009

Programming from Lucasfilm, Image Entertainment, ContentFilm International, New Video, and Image Entertainment was also announced, but that stuff isn’t nearly as important as watching the Yankees christen their new ballpark with a World Series win.


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28 thoughts on “Relive the Glorious 2009 World Series on PSN”

  1. I hate seeing the Yankees win, Look at the $200,000,000 team win, yay? Just shows money can buy everything.

  2. Go Pirates (sigh)

    I was born in 1979 which happened to be the last year the Pirates won the World Series. My whole life I've wished for just one time to witness the Buccos win the Pennant with my conscience, aware eyes. As it looks, I'll be waiting a LONG TIME to see that if they don't move the team first. Therefore, watching the Yankees secure another one just depresses me. Give a dog a bone damn it… or at least get one to the Cubs!

    Granted, when it comes to football and hockey…. we're still the City of Champions.

  3. @Arguello

    Not true. Look at Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder as of recent.

    Argument can be made that in the early 90s, Jerry Jones and Eddie Debartelo bought Superbowls…but that was at the infancy of free agency.

  4. @Arguello – way off base, I think the Yankees payroll is proof that money can't buy you championships. The Yankees haven't been a real World Series contender since the late 90s.

    I think everyone is too hard on the Yankees for no reason. hell Boston has been more of a Juggernaut lately but everyone is still bent out of shape about the Yankees winning the series even though they haven't done it in 9 years. give me a break. The payroll hasn't changed since then so don't tell me Steinbrenner bought anything

  5. I just read some stories on Matsui's post game interview. That guy is all business. In fact, Kriegel has a good write up on FoxSports. If he retires, one hell of a way to end it.

  6. I think the Yankee payroll is a function of it being a New York team. The culture in NY City is to spend tremendous amounts of money. There is a lot of wealth in that city. I can't fault their ball team for spending money like they do.

  7. I'm a Yankees fan and I've gotta say that if the team with the biggest payroll always won, the Yanks would be celebrating their 10th title in a row. It's kinda an old moot argument. A little less than half of the $200M payroll is spent on homegrown guys like Jeter & Posada. Do they spend a lot of money on big name players? Yes. Absolutely. But most of the fans you hear complaining about this root either for teams with their own $100M+ payrolls (insert Red Sox & Cubs fans here), or their teams are pocketing revenue sharing money and not spending it on players to make the team better. I have a hard time feeling a lot of sympathy if you won't hold your team's ownership accountable for not wanting to win. And I have a hard time feeling sympathy for other big money teams (like the Angels with their 5 starting OF's).

  8. i think ray might have stayed up a little too late and drank a little too much of jobu's rum

  9. @Thunder

    Wow, this economic crisis is making for some killer deals on games. unfortunately paying me 20 dollars isn't enough to get me to buy MW2 though.

  10. @Nightshade – actually people watching is one of my favorite things about going to wal-mart. I hardly shop I'm having so much fun.

    Although this website has eliminated my need to actually go to WM to get the benefits

  11. @Iceman – prejudice against the Yankees hardly shows much reason. I think being a Yankee fan is not nearly as big of a bandwagon as the bandwagon to hate the Yankees.

    I'm not from New York nor am I a Yankee fan I'm just saying it's more popular to hate the Yankees then it is to be a fan of them. I find that interesting, if I were a Yankee I would love that

  12. @Thunder – Glad you are enjoying it. I keep meaning to go to a walmart with a camera ready to submit my own. it's hard to top some of those though

  13. @Thundercracker: Man, I actually do feel sorry for O's fans. Your team's ownership is terrible. O's fans used to pack that ballpark every night. I wouldn't pay to watch the product they put on the field either.

  14. @Smartguy You also have to consider the YES Network. That gets the Yankees a ton of money. It's not just being in NY. It's also being one of the most globally popular teams.

    @Thundercracker Outstanding Major League reference!!!

  15. favorite Major League moment: Bob Uecker doing play by play and then exclaiming "Oh shit" on a homerun. Must youtube it now.

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