What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Just because the Yankees are going to do some damage in Philadelphia this weekend doesn’t mean that I won’t have time to play games. Ha! There are three games that I’m going to play more of this weekend. The first was a total surprise — Marvel Superhero Squad for PSP. I brought it with me on my brief trip to SF and I just couldn’t put it down. A lot of it is dumb and basic, but I was enjoying the mindlessness of it all and I imagine that it would be a great game to play with my eight-year old…uhm…if I had an eight-year old, that is.

Of course I’m going to be playing more WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 — the front runner for the “best writing in a game made by man” award. I’m still playing around in dream matches and “Road to WrestleMania” mode, but I promise to eventually make some content and upload it.

Magnacarta 2

Lastly, I’m going to play some Magnacarta 2. As many of you know, I love me some Japanese RPGs. This one looks pretty traditional (totally cool with me) and the reviews haven’t been the best, but a few of my fellow RPG lovers have really enjoyed it. I want to see for myself.

As always, I want to know what you’re playing. Share your weekend playlist with the gang.

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28 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I hope I get to game this weekend. big snow in Denver means going up to the slopes tomorrow morning and Sunday is for football.

    If I do get a chance to game I've got just 1 or 2 chapters to finish on Uncharted 2 on hard. I've got most of the medals so far but I've got some to finish up and I know one day I'm going to go through and get all the treasures

  2. Starting my treasure/medal run on Uncharted 2 this weekend. Purchased some guns and infinite ammo tweak and I'm not coming out till I find them lol.

    I'm sure I'll go back and hit hard/crushing eventually… but that multiplayer is just so much fun that I keep going back to it.

  3. I'm definitely picking up The Ballad of Gay Tony too. this episode seems to have a lot of what GTA 4 was missing from San Andreas. I'm looking forward to some of the explosions, the tank, base jumping/sky diving, and of course another GTA story line

  4. Im supposed to be playing some demon's souls this weekend, and at least get through the mines. But ratchet and clank future tools of destruction is really keeping me busy. Im about to play it again right now.

  5. @rbee

    I love that R&C game. One of the best in the series I think. I have played through it 4-5 times.

  6. I'm going to try and finish Arkham Asylum this weekend. If I have time I'll maybe also play a couple matches of FIFA 10 manager mode with U.D Almeria (Hugo Sanchez FTW).

  7. Probably still be playing FIFA'10 and WWE SDvsR'10. Big week next week with Dragon Age: Origins coming out though. You can pretty much expect me to be locked away with that for the forseeable future.

  8. I too will be playing some SvR2010, And some SFIV. Madden will probably sneak in there. And for some reason I have a ton of fun Playing the online-multiplayer of Transformers: RotF

    If anybody feels like getting destroyed in SFIV, hit me up on PSN.( Halfnalcedgoat3)

  9. I am going to a Halloween Party on Saturday….yeah I am dressing up as a Jedi. So what? Anybody else dressing up for All Hallow's Eve tomorrow?

  10. Oh and I will probably be playing some Uncharted 2 Multiplayer. PSN Name: TheJediRevan

  11. BEST BUY – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!!

    Its NOT online only. I just picked up Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank FaCiT, and Borderlands. It is a sale on ALL games $59.99 and lower.

  12. @Raymond Padilla

    It's Tekken. If you loved the other Tekkens then you will love Tekken 6. I love it.

  13. Uncharted 2/crushing/online double cash weekend.Working on games i skipped and picked up recently also (Dead space bioshock and Shadow of the colossus).Looking into funds for R&C Demons souls and Borderlands.

  14. @SmartGuy

    There are signs up for it in my local store. I just wen there to pick up Borderlands and saw all of the signs. When I got to the register it came to $194. I said there was a sign so the girl radioed back to someone who came up to the front and told her they had changed it from "select" games to all under$59.99.

  15. Believe it or not… Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion. My brother got me Fallout 3 for my birthday in June, but I didn't want to play Fallout before Oblivion, so I bought the GOTY edition and I've been playing it since July. Goddamn! There are so many freak'n quests in that game. Hopefully I'll be done soon so I can get started on Fallout 3 and then after that, no more RPGs for at least 2 years.


  16. R&C gonna buy it tonight….

    I would get Teken 6 but the advanture game that they put in looks very outdated…

    I am trying to sell Borderland…. It is good but there are like no cut scene but quest after quest after quest and the quest is given in dailog.

  17. I play it at my friends house…. Teken 6 battle play is freaking awesome and graphic is stunning. But that story mode :/ will just don't play that it's like a turn off.

  18. @slicky

    our local bestbuy doesn't have that sign up. bastards. also whenever i put in my zipcode for the ad on the website, it says online only. wonder if it is regional?

  19. @slicky

    Yeah, I just went to Bestbuy after dinner and they weren't doing the promotion in store. Lame.

    At least dinner was good.

  20. @ Smartguy

    If you don't want to use a credit card, pick out the games you want online, tally up the price, go to Best Buy, get a gift card, use that to take advantage of the deal.

  21. @N8R

    That is a good idea, but I wanted to walk in and get the instant gratification.

    Btw, has anyone ordered a new release from Amazon and had it the day it releases?

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