Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Soundtrack Detailed

FFXIII soundtrack

In addition to a soundtrack coming out in conjunction with Final Fantasy XIII’s December 2009 release, Square Enix will be releasing a super-duper special-edition soundtrack a month later. Andriasang has the details:

On top of the four music discs, the limited edition adds a bonus drama CD featuring a retelling of the Encounter volume of the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise web novel that’s currently being distributed at the FFXIII official site. The drama CD uses the same voice staff as the game.

Also included with the limited edition is a special box case, a special sleeve, and a 32 page visual book that’s also — you guessed it — special.

Look for the FFXIII soundtrack on January 27. Pricing is set at ¥3,990 for the standard version and ¥5,250 for the limited edition.

It’s expensive, excessive, and a little ridiculous…which means I’m probably going to buy it. *sigh* I love Japanese packaging.


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  1. HAHA before I read the title I saw the picture and thought that was a Final Fantasy Condom in the black and silver wrapper. On the same note "Final Fantasy" would be a horrible name for condom.

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