Major Nelson Covers Up for Steve Ballmer: No Blu-Ray for Xbox 360

As I expected, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer misspoke when he said Blu-ray was coming to Xbox 360. Marketing guy Major Nelson just issued the following statement:

I wanted to clear something up. Steve was referring to Blu-Ray accessories for the PC. As we have said in the past, we have no plans to introduce a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox 360.

Steve Ballmer 2

After that, the Major went into marketing overdrive and started talking about how 1080p streaming is the future of entertainment. I’ll spare you those remarks.

As I mentioned in the comments to the original story, I was expecting this to happen. Ballmer has a history of misspeaking on Microsoft consumer products. While it’s easy to say that he was speaking quickly and the quote was taken out of context, I just don’t think he completely understands that part of Microsoft…or maybe Nelson was just worried about him raining on the 1080p streaming parade (play conspiracy theorist now!)

[Thanks to Sandrock323 for pointing this out!]


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14 thoughts on “Major Nelson Covers Up for Steve Ballmer: No Blu-Ray for Xbox 360”

  1. I believe that MS was also testing the waters with that announcement. Needless to say, the test failed.

  2. Two things –

    On topic – where are you getting these photos Ray lol? I couldn't believe that they actually took photos like this.

    Off topic – Roommate just got back from Best Buy after his psych class and said DJ Hero was awesome. Sweet Jebus, the gaming industry is trying to bankrupt us and we can't get enough (luckily I don't have to buy it – UC2 here I come).

  3. I find it odd that he would even mention Blu-Ray accessories for the PC. Since when does Microsoft comment on PC accessories? Perhaps Major Nelson is trying to redirect attention back on to Zune Marketplace and conveniently bring it back into the media. I'm sure there is probably a loop hole in these statements, like say the 360 lets you use PC USB drives and that happens to include Blu-Ray drives. Or maybe Ballmer just doesn't understand the game market and is just saying things he thing he thinks will help gain support for Microsoft.

  4. This guy should have to go to press conferences with a shirt that says "Don't feed me I'm Special"

  5. @rpad


  6. I'm not a very big Microsoft fan by any means (see the Windows 7 post), but I liked the way he was portrayed in "Pirates of Silicon Valley." The four main characters did an excellent job, really.

    Anyway, based on the portrayal of Ballmer in the movie (I forget the actor's name), he almost seems like he could have maybe *used* to have been kinda cool during his collegiate days…

  7. I hope they aren't planning any blu ray add on. the more this guy talks the more I realize he doesn't know what he's saying. I mean, he thought an Xbox 360 with Natal built in is a whole new xbox?

    anyway blu ray movies have no place on the 360. to my understanding you can find a BD player for 100 bucks if you look hard enough these days. why would anyone insist on playing those movies on their 360

  8. This reminds me of the time that Bill Gates was quoted saying something like the launch of the PS3 will run right into Halo 3. It was funny how he made all of his PR underlings scramble like bats out of hell trying to cover up his obvious lack of correct information.

    Isn't it awesome when the boss talks smack?


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