Jordan Mechner Talks Prince of Persia at GDC China

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

Gamasutra has an excellent write up of Jordan Mechner’s keynote from GDC China. The Prince of Persia creator covers a wide range of topics. One of the tidbits I found interesting was him talking about his mindset going into Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Mechner said:

You really couldn’t find a better example of what not do than the first 10 years of Prince of Persia. The franchise was like a garden that I was neglecting. By 2001 Prince of Persia was really a dead franchise — completely and totally dead.

We really felt we were underdogs, because it was a dead franchise. We really felt we had to make an original game, as if nobody had heard of it.

And take a look at the franchise now, with Jake Gyllenhaal flashing his pecs as the prince. My, we’ve come a long way.

Seriously though, The Sands of Time was an excellent game and really brought the franchise back to life. While some of its sequels were not quite as good, the whole reboot is a fine of example of how to modernize a classic franchise. Hopefully someone will reboot a franchise so that Jake’s sister will bare her chest in a movie (again).


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14 thoughts on “Jordan Mechner Talks Prince of Persia at GDC China”

  1. @Rpad

    Are you serious?! you really want to see those now? I think there are a couple of movies out where she shows them off and when she was much younger and better looking. I didn't realize how bad she's aged until The Dark Knight.

  2. I liked "Warrior Within" the best from the franchise.

    And I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is kinda hot. I wanted to toss her around when I watched Stranger Than Fiction.

  3. Eh she's still cute, i'll agree with you on that one Rpad but with saying she's hot is a little bit much N8R. she's lost it a bit over the years you really notice in TDK and Away we go.

    she's not the same Maggie from the Secretary or Adaptation or happy endings.

  4. I think she tosses them around in a movie called "Secretary" though I haven't actually watched it. I just looked at the back of the box.

    As for PoP, I have only played the first one and the last one that came out on the 360. That Epilogue DLC took so many attempts for it to actually play ad when it did, the damn thing would keep freezing. Since it was only a rental, I was frustrated I spent 800 points and only played for a good hour.

  5. @ Dricknasty

    Yeah, she does. You can do a Google image search for "maggie gyllenhaal secretary".

  6. I wasn't aware that there's that much of a difference between cute and hot. I just think "would I have sex with her?"

    The adjective to describe "yes" is almost irrelevant to me.

  7. @N8R well there is a difference between cute and hot. Maybe not to you but to me and apparently Rpad there is. You are correct though, would i have sex with her? yeah i would. I'm just saying that i would prefer a younger Maggie then Maggie now.

  8. …Maggie is pretty cute, and even in TDK I didn't think her age really showed that much. Anyway, I actually really enjoyed the newest Prince of Persia. It was admittedly easy and dying was close to impossible, but I respect any game that has the balls to pull off an ending like that one did. Don't wanna spoil it, but you should definitely check it out if you haven't. The PoP team really has done an admirable job of turning that franchise around.

    -tha pie

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