China Hates Foreign Game Investors

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According to Katie Melua, there are nine-million bicycles in Beijing…and soon there will be zero money from foreign game investors. Reuters has reported:

China’s video game industry regulator the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) and copyright watchdog issued a circular on Saturday prohibiting foreign investment in domestic online gaming operations through joint ventures, wholly owned enterprises and cooperatives.

The new directive also disallows foreign firms from indirectly influencing Chinese gaming firms through agreements or technology support.

Hundreds of game companies have been trying to take advantage of the billions of people (millions of gamers?) in China. It looks like the government has put a stop to that, at least in the online gaming space.

I have a few friends in Shanghai attending GDC China. Hopefully they’ll be able to dig up some more info on this development.

Source via Game Politics

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13 thoughts on “China Hates Foreign Game Investors”

  1. @cornflake. Yeah i saw that on Friday when i was coming home from work. It's funny they want to buy things made in foreign countries but don't want any foreign investors. Come on China! What are you hiding behind your great wall.

  2. @tokz

    thats because china is smart. us americans think that the luxury of choice doesn't cost us any but when you outsource and buy shit from foreign companies, those nations benefit and not us.. we shoot ourselves in the foot by supporting foreign economies. thats why we're in the shit hole we're in now. oh, lets buy a toyota because we get 40+ mpg but later bitch about having to bail out GM and likeness (though i understand COMPLETELY why people still go with a toyota.. it makes short term sense..) i hate this sort of topic.. as you can see, i can't help but be bitter..

  3. @cornflake

    Yeah i can see where you're coming from on that one. Maybe if our country didn't always think in the short term we wouldn't be in the bad shape we are in.

  4. No, China has clout because they produce so much stuff.


    Term limits would help deter increasing debt. That would be so helpful.


    Nothing surprises me about China

  5. @rpad i was wondering where you went. i thought you were on vaca or something, u shud thank n8r for posting a link to your blog at morning hangover.

  6. @rpad visit? i'll be living here from now on, thefeed is getting boring…its not that i hate it, i still support the writers and all, but i want the articles from the OG writers, which is you and bleahy.

  7. aahahaha! you just called Ray an Original Gangster. Priceless. i always think of OGs being bloods and crypts (sp?) in a sense, we're all OGs for this site! lol how bout them apples!?

  8. @cornflake the term OG does refer to original gangster (and is widely used here in LA), which comes from those stupid people from the bloodz and crips, but it is widely used on people who master things, or something, like me, im an OG gamer/geek. lol…and yeah rpad is one of the OG's at thefeed

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