T-Mobile Sidekick Owners’ Data Vaporized

T-Mobile Sidekick Tony Hawk edition

T-Mobile Sidekick owners are screwed (it’s a technical term). According to the company, a recent “data service disruption” means that user data has gone bye bye. T-Mobile issued a statement that said:

“Regrettably, based on Microsoft/Danger’s latest recovery assessment of their systems, we must now inform you that personal information stored on your device – such as contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists or photos — that is no longer on your Sidekick almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger. That said, our teams continue to work around-the-clock in hopes of discovering some way to recover this information. However, the likelihood of a successful outcome is extremely low.”

That…has got to suck. While storing information on the cloud is the way many mobile operating systems are going, this little mishap might make people wary of the process.

I rely on various Google services to store personal and business information and rarely make local backups. I’m pretty sure I’d curl up in a ball and cry if my info suddenly got zapped.

Any Sidekick owners out there? How are you dealing with this situation?


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18 thoughts on “T-Mobile Sidekick Owners’ Data Vaporized”

  1. This happened to my brother and his girlfriend. Both were not happy to be around the day TMobile Sidekicks basically died.

    This is prompting him to get the Android, which I won and enjoy very much.

  2. @Mike Drickel Android is a pretty cool OS, but none of the hardware that's available in America has impressed me. I'm looking forward to checking out the Motorola Cliq and I'd live to see a U.S. version of the Samsung i7500.

  3. I'll admit I know little when it comes to all of this tech stuff. I have barely downloaded any apps for my Android yet. I did find a gamecast app just in time for game 1 of the Yankees/Twins so I was able to keep up on the score.

  4. @Dricknasty Following the Yankees is outstanding use of Android technology. Ha! There are lots of great Android apps out there. The experience isn't nearly as neat as finding iPhone apps, but with some fishing you can find some great stuff.

  5. i am… i was one of those few that didn't reset their phone or took their battery out so all my contacts are still there. as for the service, it has really been on the suck side since it happened last friday

  6. Yeah, my gf was affectec by this. all of her conacts and pictures down the drain. She was feed up with her sidekick and that was the final straw. she upgraded to the mytouch 3g and is pretty happy with the switch.

  7. That really sucks. Makes me happier i got an iPhone. Even though AT&T has it's own issues… this is a +1 for the debate.

  8. @R Pad

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the cloud". I'm not registered with either Mobile Me or Google sync. I back up everything on my Mac on a WD HD that you recommended actually. The iPhone back-up files slide right into that.

    Lovin' the Time Machine.

  9. @N8R For example, I use Google Sync with my Blackberry and (unactivated) iPhone. The data (contacts, calendar, etc.) is store on the Internet, not on my local PC.

  10. @ R Pad

    Yeah, all that automatically syncs on my Mac and I just back it up manually. I like the internet option and I knew that Mobile Me worked like that, but you have to pay for it.

    I got an HDD in a fireproof box that I whip out to back up everything. If Google sync is free… I'll look into it.

    I still don't know if I trust it though. Big Brother is getting closer and closer. I also watched that Sandra Bullock movie "The Net" the other day and laughed at the technology they were using. Sure, they had 50 lb laptops but the premise of security kinda relates.

  11. @N8R The nice thing about Google Sync is that if I make changes on my Blackberry or on my PC, I can sync up either way. It's free and useful. Mobile Me has more features, but it costs dough.

    I dunno about Sandra Bullock…I found her absolutely charming in Demolition Man, but she annoys the hell out of me in RomComs.

  12. I've got an iPhone. AT&T isn't the best, but it works well enough for me. Between the local backup/sync on my MacBook Pro and my MobileMe subscription, I'm pretty happy. Plus, the "Find my iPhone" feature from MobileMe has come in handy on an occasion or two when I'm running late and misplaced my phone.

  13. I haven't taken the plunge on MobileMe. I don't want to cough up the extra money. I do back up my stuff on my time capsule (I know it is overpriced, but so handy). Gotta love Time Machine.

  14. I remember when this happened. I always have thought of the Sidekick as a hoodrat phone and living in Chelsea MA, the super ghetto, everyone lost their contacts and I thought it was hilarious.

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