Vaping Diaries #249: Illuminati Vapor & Kaiju Monster Elixir Interview (ECC 2014)

Last time I spoke with Illuminati Vapor owner Erik Todorovich, he teased some big plans the company had in regards to getting into the collectibles space. At ECC 2014, he unveiled those plans. Illuminati Vapor has a new mascot named Eyezzak. In the future, special bottles of Illuminati Vapor e-liquids will be released with an Eyezzak action figure. The juice will come in 15ml or 30ml bottles that will be housed inside Eyezzak.

In other company news, Illuminati rereleased Money. This e-liquid is similar to the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars that you find at the grocery or in a deli.

Lastly, Erik spoke about the upcoming Kaiju Monster Elixir brand. Coming in November, this spinoff line will use action figures that hold juice bottles, similar to Eyezzak. Naturally, Kaiju Monster Elixir action figures will be inspired by the wonderful monsters and robots found in Japanese movies. As a lifelong fan of Godzilla, Gamera, etc., I’m really looking forward to these Kaiju Monster Elixir e-liquids.

Check out the ECC 2014 interview above to get an update on Illuminati Vapor, meet Eyezzak, and hear about the plans for Kaiju Monster Elixir.

Illuminati Vapor Eyezzak Kaiju Monster Elixir ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #222: Illuminati Vapor Erik Todorovich Interview

I first came across Illumunati Vapor in a Vapor Liq subscription box. The company’s Lion e-liquid quickly became one of my favorites. This mix of vanilla custard and ube (known as purple yam to white people) was striking. Vanilla custard is an extremely popular e-liquid flavor, while Ube is used in many Asian desserts. When these flavors combine, they form Voltron come together for a unique and delicious dessert vape. Lion stands out from the numerous vanilla custard juices on the market and it made me want to learn more about Illuminati Vapor.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Illuminati Vapor owner Erik Todorovich at Monster Vape Lounge. We chatted about how the company got started, three of his e-liquid flavors (Lion, Veritas, and Live Forever), what the company has planned for the upcoming Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC), FDA regulations, and more.

Earlier in June, I tried the company’s Veritas e-liquid. This lovely mix or blueberry and lemon meringue was most excellent. Objectively, I like it even more than Lion. Subjectively, I will always say that Lion is better…because I’m Asian-American and have to give props to the creative use of ube. I’ll be doing a review on some Illuminati Vapor juices in the future, so stay tuned for that.

I’ll also be chatting again with Erik at ECC 2014. The company has some interesting things in the works for the show. Flavors are being relaunched and Illuminati Vapor has plans that will appeal to vapers that are into the collectible aspect of the hobby. As a collector nerd (comics, videogames, etc.), I’m curious to see what the Illuminati Vapor has in store.

Check out my Illuminati Vapor interview when you have a chance and let me know what you think. Do any of the company’s flavors appeal to you? Are you interested in juice companies getting into collectibles? Leave a comment and let me know (please)!

Illuminati Vapor Erik Todorovich Interview