Vaping Diaries #221: Vapor Liq Michael Carey Interview

Earlier this year, I checked out an e-liquid subscription box from Vapor Liq and was very impressed by what the company offered. Like several of its competitors, Vapor Liq offers top-quality vaping e-liquids from some of the best companies in the business. What makes Vapor Liq stand out is its customization and profiling system — one of the most detailed and user-friendly I’ve encountered. The profiling system is very visual and easy to use, while allowing you to make precise adjustments to your flavor profile. Vapor Liq’s packaging is also some of the best I’ve seen from a juice subscription service.

To get more details about what makes Vapor Liq different from its competitors, I spent some time chatting with company co-founder Michael Carey. He spoke about how the company got started, what makes his service unique, and where the company is headed. Check out the clip above to see why Vapor Liq is one of the best companies in the highly competitive field of vaping e-liquid subscription services.

Vapor Liq Interview

Author: RPadTV