PETA vs. Pokemon: The Idiocy Continues

Remember last year when PETA went after Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise, pointing out the “animal cruelty” involved with Mario’s Tanooki suit? The idiocy continues with PETA going after Nintendo’s popular Pokemon franchise in a parody game called Pokemon Black and Blue. Here’s an excerpt from the game page:

The amount of time that Pokémon spend stuffed in pokéballs is akin to how elephants are chained up in train carts, waiting to be let out to “perform” in circuses. But the difference between real life and this fictional world full of organized animal fighting is that Pokémon games paint rosy pictures of things that are actually horrible.

What’s up with PETA’s hate for Nintendo? Out of all the game publishers in the world, Nintendo is one of the most family-friendly. Furthermore, PETA’s premise is stupid. The Pokemon games are about cooperation and they encourage players to take care of their animal companions. As far as videogames go, they’re pretty innocent. The series has sold hundreds of millions of copies and it hasn’t resulted in hundreds of millions of animal abusers. I’m all for treating animals with care, but PETA’s campaigns against Nintendo are amazingly misguided. It’s hard to respect an organization that does so many stupid things.

What do you think of PETA’s stance against Pokemon? Does the organization have a legitimate point? Do you think there’s a high-ranking PETA official that sucked at Nintendo games as a kid and is trying to get revenge through these moronic campaigns?


Author: RPadTV