Loki vs. Tony Stark: Avengers Head Count Trailer

The “head count” trailer for The Avengers completely owns. I’m cautiously excited for the movie, but trailers like this have me abandoning caution (and logic?). I know that team movies are hard to pull off and it’s way too easy for them to splinter, but the trailers are so good and I’m a fan of Joss Whedon’s comic-book writing. This is all going to work, right?!? Check out the trailer and let me know if you’re more or less excited for The Avengers¬†after seeing it.

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  • bsukenyan

    I am progressively less and less interested in The Avengers. They are cool and all, and the movie will be good I'm sure, but none of the characters are ones that I love to follow. Iron Man is fun to watch, but he is the only one with multiple movies (that are linear in story, unlike Hulk and The Incredible Hulk with different main characters in each movie) heading in to The Avengers. Also, the fact that Iron Man/Tony Stark is <s>mildly</s> narcissistic, combined with Robert Downey Jr. being a more captivating actor than some of the other people in this movie, means that I can't help but feeling that this is just a third Iron Man movie with some cool help this time around.

    Also, I've never been a fan of Thor whatsoever, and am still bummed (although I understand why) that Edward Norton won't be playing Dr. Bruce Banner. Add in that the main villain in the movie is from the Thor storyline and I get a little less interested. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely be seeing this movie in theaters once it comes out, but I'm no longer as excited for it as I have been in the past. Marvel has been doing their best to lose my interest, and honestly DC has been reeling me in. With more animated movies, Batman Arkham City, and The Dark Knight Rises coming up I just feel like the DC universe has more content that I am enjoying currently.

    I know this was the exact opposite of how I was feeling earlier in the millennium when the X men movies and Spider man trilogy where drawing more attention (and before the DC animated original movies were being made), but currently I'm finding it harder to enjoy Marvel. I think these are all some of the big reasons why I am wanting to get into some of the trade paperbacks for Spiderman. I do want some DC ones as well (gotham by gaslight, the man who laughed, watchmen, etc) but Spiderman has always been my superhero of choice and I want more content featuring Marvel characters I actually like.

    Although I would love to see Marvel Animation studios creating direct to dvd movies featuring Spiderman much in the same way the DC does with the Justice League and Batman, I don't see that happening. The Avengers will still be entertaining to some degree (I love some of Joss Whedon's previous work as well, so there is hope for me yet) and I will watch it, but I think TDKR will be more captivating.

    • Are you familiar with The Avengers comics? Loki was the original antagonist. It makes sense for him to have the same role in the movie.

      • bsukenyan

        Honestly- not too familiar. I'm not questioning the accuracy of themovie at all, simply stating that I don't like Thor, and subsequentlyLoki, or his part in Marvel comics. If I don't like them in generalthan they don't help in gaining or keeping my interest in a moviewhere they play an integral part of the story.

      • N8R

        Well, it's a good thing you're interested in a movie with Anne Hathaway as a "realistic" Catwoman and a Bane who has been completely raped.

        Seriously though, the more I hear about TDKR, the more I think Nolan is trying to kill the franchise. I could be wrong, but Catwoman is such a cartoony character as it is. Trying to put that character into what he's already created as a realistic environment and THEN putting in the BATWING! He's killing it… and it has to be on purpose. My bet as to why has something to do with the producers or studio heads who have never picked up a comic in their life.

        Similar to how the new live action TMNT movie will now be called "Ninja Turtles" because they will aliens (i.e. not Mutants) and won't be teenagers. The studio heads are out to diminish and trivialize our childhood for the sake of money.

        Marvel… is totally guilty of this as well. The Spider-Man and X-men trilogies are brilliant examples of this.

        What I don't get, is that these franchises wouldn't exist if the fans weren't there to cater to in the first place. Pissing them off is like sh!tting where you eat.

      • The upcoming version of Bane beats the hell out of his previous movie incarnation.

      • bsukenyan

        Honestly I think that is exactly what he is trying to do. My theory for a while has been that he will kill batman in this movie. What will happen from there could go anywhere, but I don't think Nolan wants anyone else to take over the world he helped create and killing Batman would be a way to make sure no one did. As far as studio heads pulling his strings, I'm really not sure. I would think he is a well regarded enough director to not be pushed around like that, and I believe he also said for a long time that he was done with Batman unless something serious pulled him back. So either studio heads had something serious enough to pull him back or he came back of his own free will…I have no clue which.

        The new Ninja Turtles movie seems a little ridiculous now. I have heard though that in some TMNT story arc they were aliens of some sort. That is something I really have no clue about though myself.

        I agree though, at some point you would think that these franchises should cater to the people who made them as mainstream and popular as they are today.

      • I wouldn't say Nolan created anything. He interpreted existing works.

      • N8R

        With Batman.

        Him and his brother wrote Inception and Memento.

      • Yes, with Batman.

      • N8R

        Seriously dude… That's not how Hollywood politics works.

        He has a production credit, but here's the full list:

        Kevin De La Noy ….executive producer
        Jordan Goldberg ….co-producer
        Benjamin Melniker ….executive producer
        Christopher Nolan ….producer
        Charles Roven ….producer
        Dileep Singh Rathore ….line producer: India
        Emma Thomas ….producer
        Thomas Tull ….executive producer
        Michael E. Uslan ….executive producer

        In case you don't know, these are basically the people who pay for the film to get made in the first place. They have the final say in all decisions because they will either pay for it or not. The whole thing about "being established enough" only holds in films that aren't huge blockbuster franchises. Once they break into the mass market, everyone wants a slice of that pie. This Batman franchise was born there.

        One walk through Hollywood tells you how screwed up of a town it really is. When I first moved out here, I had an audition for a band with a rehearsal space down there. Coming from the east coast and never having been there, I was totally enchanted at the thought. I expected it to be brilliant with directors and screenwriters on every corner… not the case. It smells like 3 day old piss, is infested with drug addicts hitting you up for money, and littered with adult stores. The city is full of scammers and people riding coattails.

        The film industry is very much a reflection of that. Look at all the crap that comes out as opposed to anything decent.

  • It really didn't any additional interest for me? So I've read that Loki's army isn't the skrulls. So what army is it? It's not the ice giants? Am I missing something from the avengers origin story?

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