Random Thoughts (Not a Review!) on Justice League #1

I’ve read Justice League #1 about a dozen times since I downloaded it earlier in the week. As some of you know, this comic book kicks off the DC Universe reboot. Characters are getting modernized, costumes are being updated, origins are getting revamped…and it all starts here (Goonies?). While I’m still not sure about the entire reboot, I can say for sure that I enjoyed Justice League #1. Here are some random thoughts on the issue (with minor spoilers).

– The image above is one of my favorite panels in the book. I love how it shows off Hal Jordan’s brashness. I also love the slight smirk on Batman’s face. And really, this is what’s cool about the reboot and Justice League in particular. Seeing how superheroes react when they meet each other for the first time is cool.

– You can tell that this comic book was made with tablets in mind. A lot of the older books I’ve downloaded have some awkward panels that make scrolling on a tablet feel awkward. Obviously the artists and editors didn’t think about tablets when they were making these books a decade ago (or more). Justice League #1 was completely smooth on my iPad 2. While I miss some of the creative things artists can do with odd-sized panels, the new style works much better on tablet computers.

– The new costumes are pretty cool so far. The Green Lantern one isn’t too different, but Jim Lee’s take on Batman and Superman is fresh and modern. A lot of the little details, such as Batman’s lobster-like gauntlet, look cool and make sense. Superman’s costume, with its built-in cape, is definitely interesting. He only had a splash page and I can’t wait to see more of the new outfit. Wonder Woman didn’t appear in the first issue, but I’m pleased to see that the revamped Wonder Woman knows that it’s easier to fight evil in pants than in a bikini.

– I’m probably in the minority here, but I love where Geoff Johns is going with Victor Stone. As some of you know, I’m fascinated by tweener superheroes and I can’t wait to see how they revamp Stone’s origin as Cyborg.

Justice League #1 did what it was supposed to do — get me interested in the new DC Universe. I like the direction this book is going in and I’m curious to see how the rest of DC shapes up. I’ll definitely pick up a few other books — definitely Justice League International — and will probably buy more than I planned on simply because this issue was so intriguing.

Author: RPadTV