PlayStation Network Breach Will Cost Sony $171.2-Million

According to a recent financial statement, the PlayStation Network security breach will cost Sony a little more than $170-million. While that’s certainly a large sum of money, I’m actually surprised it isn’t higher. Increasing security, investigating the cause of the “external intrusion”, compensating customers, and hiring new staff adds up. I would have guessed more. Hell, some analysts predicted that this whole affair would cost Sony more than $1-billion.

What do you think of the figure? Is it inline with what you were expecting? Or is it significantly higher or lower than your guess?

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Author: RPadTV


  • Big Blak

    That's like $1 and some change per person effected lol.

  • Lunias

    I would've expected much more than that. Heck, they've got 70-million users in the US alone, and that's not even including the huge amounts of PSPs bought in Japan every week. This figure seems waaaay off.

    • I'm sure there's some creative accounting involved, but I'm still surprised the number is so low.

      • Nightshade386

        Creative accounting indeed…..I was expecting much higher.

      • Iceman

        Methinks Sony is fudging the real numbers in order to not scare investors away.

        It's not a bad strategy if you happen to own Sony stocks.


      • Well, it also reported massive costs for repairing earthquake/tsunami damage. The report changed the project from a big profit to a loss. The PSN costs are much smaller than the disaster costs. No matter what, the stock was going to take a hit.

  • RRODizHere

    Lower than I thought.