This Week’s Videogame Releases

It’s a pretty huge week in the videogame business. The Nintendo 3DS launched and is selling briskly, though it’s not nearly as hard to find as the Nintendo Wii was during launch week. Wrestling fans that want to set up dream matches pitting current WWE Superstars against old-school wrestlers will want to pick up WWE All Stars. As much as I’ll enjoy the gameplay, I think my favorite part will be hearing Jim Ross’ commentary. Racing fans have two styles of automotive action to choose from in Shift 2 and NASCAR The Game 2011. If you prefer motorcycles over cars then you might dig MotoGP 10/11. Fans of adulterers and golf will have a blast with¬†Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters.¬†Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky looks like a great old-school RPG.

Last, but not least, is a PSP game that I’m incredibly psyched for: The 3rd Birthday. As a Parasite Eve fan, I’m really looking forward to Aya Brea’s next adventure.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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  • smartguy

    Guess not

  • tokz_21

    i'm interested in the All Stars game. the gameplay vids i've seen remind me of the old N64 wrestling games.

    • I'm sure it'll play well. It just doesn't feature the award winning writing of the last two SmackDown vs. Raw games.

    • N8R

      The demo has been up.

      I downloaded it and gave it a test run… I'm not partial to the gameplay. SvR is WAY better (it's written better too). People have created and uploaded just about any Legend anyone can think of. The Goldberg and Hollywood Hogan I downloaded are seriously amazing looking.

      It's hard to top this last SvR in alot of ways.

      • N8R

        I've even downloaded the Green Bastard from Parts Unknown.

        (See my avatar pic and/or Trailer Park Boys season 4)

  • bsukenyan

    I got to use the 3DS at Best Buy the other day, I really liked the way it felt and how the controls functioned. The joystick type thing was so smooth and worked really well. It was so easy to use and was so much more comfortable than the d-pad. As expected though, I wasn't that impressed by the 3D, just like I haven't been impressed by 3D from anything really yet.

    • What did you play on it? Some games are a lot more impressive than others.

      • bsukenyan

        Just pilotwings. That is also one reason why the joystick felt so useful compared to a d-pad. It was also pretty apparent that the graphics were much better on the 3DS than my DSi. I wasn't sure how much better they would really be, and I was not let down.

      • smartguy

        My friend bought RidgeRacer and SF. Pretty neat. Almost made me go buy one.

  • Nightshade386

    I'm looking forward to the new Tiger Woods game, but I'm not likely to buy it this week. I'm a horrible golfer in real life and would never actually watch the PGA, but I like golf games. ::shrug::

    WWE All Stars looks like a rental to me. I do want to give it a shot though.

    • Totally the same way. I enjoy golf videogames. Watching and playing golf bores me. The driving range is fun, but playing a full 18 is dull.

      • Nightshade386

        One of my friends and I used to go play together all the time because we were both terrible and figured there was nothing else to do in the podunk town we grew up in. He used to call his 3 iron "The Antichrist," and I used to play as many shots as humanly possible with my 7 iron since it was about the only club I was proficient in.

      • My friend and I hate a blast at an Atari event hitting biodegradable golf balls into the Pacific Ocean. We also tried skidding out the golf cart, but that didn't work.

      • Nightshade386

        Ironically, I now live within walking distance of a golf course that I've never played. Mind you, my clubs are older than I am and it's an expensive hobby to get into.

      • smartguy

        Yeah it is. I used to live on a golf course and so I decided that I'd take up golfing. It wasn't nearly as fun walking around with a case of beer and 3 clubs I picked up at Goodwill as I thought it would be. Perhaps it's more of a social thing unless you are a pro earning big bucks.

        I do enjoy that Golf game you can use with the Move though.

      • bsukenyan

        Paintball used to be my expensive hobby. That was always a lot of fun, but I had at least $500 invested in basic equipment, 2 guns, and at least $50 in paint every time I went out and played. It's one of those things that you have to know you will get enough use out of the equipment to really get into.

  • N8R

    On the topic of WWE:

    1) I hope this release lends way to an official Macho Man DLC pack for SvR (even though the user created ones are great, there's one guy who has enough Macho Men made to represent every outfit he wore to every Wrestlemania and then some. The use of the paint tool has been put to task with all the Madness and NWO gear)

    2) There are 2 videos I streamed on Netflix that were awesome and a must see if any wrestling fan hasn't yet:

    The History of Wrestlemania (a great watch)


    The Rise and Fall of WCW (This video recalled a great deal of my childhood, it was absolutely awesome)

    • smartguy

      Those are in my queue. Good to hear they are good trips down memory lane.

      • N8R

        Dude… I enjoyed the hell out of both of them.

        Granted, I'm sort of a documentary mark.

  • smartguy

    Same here. That Enron doc is pretty astounding.

    Smartest Guys in the Room.

    Oddly enough the approach they used is being argued as a legit method of assessing value. Mark to market. Also known as fair value. Relative terms for sure.

  • @N8R Meant to ask you if you're a Bob Babbitt fan. It was cool seeing him on Idol last week.

    • N8R

      You mean the funky, jazz influenced, white bass player from Pittsburgh who played on countless Motown recordings?…

      Never heard of him.

      Seriously though, Babbitt replaced James Jamerson who was apparently to unruly for Hittsville USA. When I recall my favorite Motown tracks ever with special attention to the ones I like because of the bass playing… I'm actually more of a fan of Jamerson's stuff. I think the last Motown song Jamerson played on was "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye… that bass line PWNS! Aside from that, we're talking all the early Temptations, Jackson 5, Supremes, etc… that's my personal favorite era of Motown. My favorite performers ever from the Motown label was Junior Walker and the All-Stars… but he had his own band and didn't use the Funk Brothers in the studio.

      I am by no means knocking Babbitt though. The man is and was crazy skilled. I just prefer the Jamerson tracks if we're talking Motown bass.

      Watch "Standing in the Shadows of Motown". I know I've been talking about documentaries all day… but this one breaks down how Motown worked amazingly well.

      • Jamerson was definitely more talented and influential, but I dig Babbitt too.

        And yes, that is a wonderful documentary — one of my favorites.

  • Big Blak

    Let me know what you think of the 3rd bday.

  • LarcenousLaugh

    They should just remake the N64 wrestling games and be done with it.