Insomniac Games Ted Price Speaks…and You Should Listen

Here’s my interview with Insomniac Games president & CEO Ted Price. My favorite part was when he explained why he wanted the original Ratchet & Clank referred to as a “character action game” instead of a platformer. Other topics include the company’s work on the Xbox 360, the socialization of gaming, and Insomniac’s 2011 lineup.

Confession: I really sucked in this interview. Thankfully Ted saved it with his great answers. As you can see, I wasn’t nearly as comfortable as I was during my Mike “Busta” Capps interview. I’ve known Ted for a long time and he’s a fantastic guy, but for some reason I kept thinking, “Gee, Ted Price sure is smart, successful, and handsome,” during the interview. As nice as he is, he can also be unnervingly awesome. Ha!

Author: RPadTV