Why Am I Here?!?

Welcome to RPad.tv!

So yeah! Why am I here? There are a few reasons actually. If you’ve been reading my stuff at G4tv.com or GameSpy or Happy Puppy (any of you that old?), it will all make sense to you (or not). So let’s get to the reasons.

Welcome to RPad.tv! Allow me to greet you with the immortal words of Chevy Chase from Spies Like Us:

“Why am I here? Why are you here? Why is anybody here? I think it was Jean-Paul Sartre who once said… how do you spell Sartre?”

So yeah! Why am I here? There are a few reasons actually. If you’ve been reading my stuff at G4tv.com or GameSpy or Happy Puppy (any of you that old?), it will all make sense to you (or not). So let’s get to the reasons.

1) There’s always a chance that blogging about games will make me rich. It’s a really small chance, but I buy lottery tickets every week so I figure, “What the hell.” (Jack Burton 4Life!) If any of you have rich relatives with more money than they know what to do with, please point them to this PayPal donation page. (And yes, this reason was mostly a joke, but there’s always a chance one of you has a rich and crazy uncle.)

2) Since I’m currently unemployed, I need to make sure my writing stays sharp. Blogging will help me do that, but it will also allow me to be more personal and goofy. Since the job market is abysmal, this is a way for me to write the stories I want to in the way I want them written. Hopefully a bunch of you will keep reading and commenting so that I feel pressure to write stories that are engaging and fun.

And the biggest reason RPad.tv exists is….

3) I really miss the interaction I enjoyed while writing for TheFeed. It was such a big part of my everyday work life. In a short period of time, I was able to build a place that resonated with several readers. A lot of people enjoyed mixing it up in the comments section and I truly enjoyed mixing it up with them. I miss it…terribly. In a lot of ways, I need it now. While building a community from scratch is a tall order, I’m hoping that lots of you support my efforts so that we can create a cool place to talk about games, tech, WWE, comics, and all kinds of geeky stuff. Plus, spending most of my day working on this blog should — in theory — help me avoid the nut house.

Once again, welcome to RPad.tv! I hope hear from you in the comments section soon!!!

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  • LarcenousLaugh

    Rockin site. Adding it to favorites with a quickness. Can't say I have any loaded uncles (unfortunately my family was only graced with the crazy part) but we'll keep you company :)

  • @LercenousLaugh Thanks for reading! And thanks for the company!!!

  • It is awesome to see you keeping up on everything. The page is already bookmarked and rss'ed.


  • @Mike Drickel Thanks for stopping by! The Yankee victories have been keeping me going, for sure. Hopefully the site gets busy this week and lots of people will talk things up.

  • SkullOne360

    Loving the new site Raymond. Good to see you still publishing new blogs.

  • moonpie

    Awesome man. Good to see you have a new site going already. I unfortunately do not have a rich and crazy uncle, but in the event I happen upon a sum of money I will gladly donate to the cause. I'll check back and mix it up as much as possible.

    -tha pie

  • @SkullOne360 Good to see you here! I hope you keep coming back.

    @moonpie I'm happy to have you here! Hopefully there will be some fun discussions starting soon…perhaps early every morning?

  • moonpie

    Also, bold color choice on the pink, but I dig it.

    -tha pie

  • N8R

    I'm with it. Everything looks smooth

  • Nice Site
    I look forward to reading some good and engaging articles Mr.Padilla

  • thatboytitz

    looks good haha but no rich uncles here…

  • @moonpie Even though I'm not a Bret "The Hitman" Hart fan, I dig pink.

    @InsomniacsWaltz I look forward to having you read them and commenting on them!

    @thatboytitz Thanks! I'm glad you're here!

  • moonpie

    lmao Bret Hart reference ftw.

    -tha pie

  • Loving the site Ray!

  • @Nightshade386 Thanks for checking it out and good to "see" you again! I hope you'll be around to mix it up with the peeps.

  • If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I didn't realize you had been let go by G4. That makes me a sad panda.

  • @TheJediRevan Well, I'm happy you're here! Hopefully a bunch of the old gang and lots of new peeps can make this an interesting place.

  • Mike

    Hey Psylancer! Good to see you're blogging! I'm one of your regular readers back in GameSpy. Your blog is now officially bookmarked. ;)

  • Smartguy

    Wow, I need a snazzy avatar for this site.

    I got laid off Ray. I feel your pain in the unemployment market lol. Whatever makes us stronger though I guess.

  • oOcornflakeOo

    pretty neat! i dont follow twitter so i still dont have a clue as to what happened at G4 BUT, I'm glad to see that you kept on keeping on [that kinda makes sense i think].. keep up the good work and great start BTW

  • Marco

    Cool stuff. I still have to take a look around, but what I've seen looks good. Smart of you to keep your writing skillz chiseled.

  • bsukenyan

    im definitely gonna keep up on your site. i always like supporting someone who has passion for what they do.

  • @bsukenyan Thanks very much! I hope too "see" more of you here too.

  • x_nation

    Maybe I missed it but I can't find where I change my photo.. And Ray you're not alone in keeping yourself sane. Keep at it.

  • @x_nation Here are the instructions for changing your photo on Gravatar:


  • x_nation

    That was quick… Thanx

  • @x_nation I try to take care of the peeps that visit here, so hopefully you come back. Like WWE Christian says, "That's how I roll."

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  • BigBlak

    Wow the first comment here was 101 weeks ago, holy crap!